Another Teaser (Sorry)

Sorry to keep teasing this, but I have been so busy with my real work, trying to make deadlines before the Thanksgiving holiday, that I haven’t been able to sit down and write the story of my latest score. To be fair, I have also been busy going through records. As part the collection, there were three boxes of 78s that the guy didn’t realize he had. I opened one box, saw that the record on top was a Prestige and said, “Oh, I’ll be happy to take these as well.” I just got those boxes out of the car. To give you a sense: In one of the boxes, there was an old mailing carton from Capital records. On the box, the owner had written: “Chas. Parker, Assorted Mercury, Dial, Savoy, 1-1-54.” The carton was full. Each record was unplayed. I promise to begin telling the whole story by the end of the week.


  • Can’t wait for it, Al. And please make sure to not just add a few snapshots; no, add a crop load of photos. You ‘owe’ us that, since we can’t come over to touch and smell those hot gems ourselves, so we’ll have to do with pictures 😀

  • Al is too humble to mention this,but he’s also busy on a download that will allow the musty smell of 50-yr old lps to come up thru your pc/tablet as you peruse this site…Al,you’re so inventive(but do get back to WORK)!

  • Timing and location is the stuff of great additions to any collection. I look forward to hearing your tale, though I already possess mixed feelings of both joy and envy!

  • Yeah me too! Looking forward to the story and pics…

  • Crumbs…. all this foreplay!!!!
    come on AL!!! get your kit off and get on with it you big tease!!!! Your worse than my Mrs!

  • This is starting to smell like another “Nautiluso” too good to be true deals. (Apologies to the newbies for the ancient history reference but you can search for it on the site.)

  • you’re talking CD’s, right, al?

  • Or maybe a hard drive full of mp3s?

  • Seriously, get on it for the love of crumbcake.

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