A Dash of Pepper, Mad Thad, Jackie’s Bag & More

It isn’t often I see records or even labels I’m not familiar with, but here’s one that was on eBay this weekend. It was listed as an Art Pepper record: Mucho Calor, Andex S3002. Not only have I never seen the record before, I’ve never seen the Andex label. I have a strong feeling this is some kind of reissue or compilation, but not sure what the root label is. It’s a stereo pressing, but it’s supposed to be 1957, which is pre-stereo. Plus, with the other artists listed, it doesn’t look like an Art Pepper record nor does it look like a record date that was led by Pepper. This one was probably VG++ for the record and VG+ for the cover and it sold for $87.66. I’m sure someone out in the Jazz Collector audience will be able to shed a little light on this one.

This one fetched quite a nice price: Thad Jones, Mad Thad, Period 1208. Admittedly, this is a hard to find record, but I haven’t seen it often go for this price. The record was in VG++ condition and the cover was VG. The price was $610 and there were 27 bids, which is a pretty high number.

This one would typically get a higher price, but the listing wasn’t very complete, so purchasing the record was a gamble:

Jackie McLean, Jackie’s Bag, Blue Note 4051. The seller used the word “original” in the listing, but there was no mention of a deep groove or an ear or a Van Gelder stamp/signature. So who knows if it was original. Also, instead of VG+ or VG, he described the vinyl as being in “decent” condition, which is not a ringing endorsement. This one sold for $165.40. What do you think?

This a great record that sold for a pretty hefty price: Oliver Nelson, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Impulse 5. This one had the original cover, which is hard to find, and it was in M- condition for the vinyl and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $317.34.




  • Al,
    Andex is, or actually was, a US label based in, I believe, NJ. They had about 150 releases, all on LP. There are some Andex 45’s, but it is an entirely different company. Of the LP’s, some of the early ones were new recordings. With little distribution, the company was forced to license tracks from other labels to stay alive. Sometimes the tracks for a particular artist were from different labels, so the LP would look like a new recording. As you may see from the track titles, this was marketed as a South American recording. The listing does not mention a country of pressing, but Andex did press in other countries, especially central Europe and South America. I have never seen a Japanese Andex, but it is possible.

  • Andex was out of LA. They released a series of jazz titles including ones by Mel Lewis, Jimmy Rowles, Bill Holman and Dempsey Wright with Richie Kamuca. The Mucho Calor record is listed twice in the Lord Disco. One as by the Latin Jazz All Stars and one as by the Art Pepper/ Conte Candoli Group. Art plays on the whole session and arranges two pieces. Others include Candoli, Bill Perkins and Russ Freeman. It’s an excellent session and valued by Pepper collectors.

  • I’ve a beautiful big band Andex by Holman with this personnel:
    Al Porcino, Ed Leddy, Jack Sheldon, Conte Candoli (trumpets); Frank Rosolino, Carl Fontana, Ray Sims (trombones); Charlie Mariano, Herb Geller, Richie Kamuca, Charlie Kennedy, Bill Hood (saxes); Victor Feldman (piano), Buddy Clark (bass), Mel Lewis (drums).
    while I usually prefer small groups, this lp is very interesting, just look at the saxes section.

  • it is not impossible that theres a modern lp reissue of this, VSOP reissued it on cd, and they did lp releases too…so yea, i guess its generally accepted now as an “art pepper” date but in reality, yes, its not an “art pepper” date. im surpised -you- didnt know about this, however i can dig that beacuse i discovred this record existed a long time after i should have known about it, too.

  • Another great Andex disc (also available on cd) is “Jive for Five”, listed as a Bill Holman/Mel Lewis session, great small ensemble work!

  • Andex Records was produced by Rex Productions Inc. in L.A. around 1958. Very good sound, nice packaging, the vinyl came in sealed inner sleeves, like Columbia did for a while.
    Apart from the albums already mentioned, there is a gorgeous Jimmy Rowles Septet produced by Bill Holman, feat. Bill on tenor, Herb Geller on alto, Bob Enevoldsen on trmb and of course the delicate Jimmy on piano (Andex A 3007). Another is A 3003, with one side John Graas’ International Premiere in Jazz (German Festival Symphony Orchestra and one side with the West Coast All Star Ninetet:
    Art Pepper, Jack Sheldon, Bill Perkins, Buddy Collette, Red Mitchell, Larry Bunker and John Graas. Notes by Wesley La Violette.
    Andex, to the best of my knowledge, was never issued outside the US.

  • andex was a subsidary of Rex? Rex records are IMPOSSIBLE to locate, omfg

  • Chewy: Rex Productions Inc., 8715 West Third Street, Los Angeles 48, California. Good luck!

  • anyone have a rex discog?

  • There is in fact a current LP reissue of Mucho Calor; they are in stock at Half Price Books down here in Texas.

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