A Promo, a 10-Inch LP, And a “Later” Blue Note

Here’s some more jazz vinyl we’re watching on eBay now:

Horace Silver, The Cape Verdean Blues, Blue Note 4220. This is an original mono pressing with the Van Gelder and the ear and, of course, no deep grooves. The record is in M- condition and the cover is M- as well, with the original shrink wrap. There’s more than a day left in the auction and the bidding is in the $150 range. Nice record. As we’re seeing with the Bobby Hutcherson records mentioned yesterday, as well as others we’ve been watching, the later pre-Liberty Blue Notes seem to be going up in value by quite a bit recently. It’s interesting to think of “later” Blue Notes as records that are pretty close to 50 years from their original release.

Here’s an early Blue Note from a familiar and highly reputable seller: Kenny Drew Trio, Blue Note 5023. This is an original 10-nch pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. Quite a beauty. Perhaps only one owner? The start price is about $200 and, with two days to go, there are no bidders.

Here’s a promo record that is on the verge of selling for a hefty price tag:

Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby, Riverside 399. This is a white label promo copy. The record looks to be in M- or VG++ condition and, based on the pictures, the cover is probably VG+. With more than two and a half days to go on the auction, the bidding is already  more than $620.





  • Anyone know why this Kenny Burrell on Savoy sold for $500?


    I picked this exact one and same condition up for $10 a couple of months and didn’t think anything of it.

  • I think the reason would be :

    1 – its a fine session
    2 – its rare
    3 – Japanese want it

  • Maybe I should host an Open House for Japanese and Korean buyers.

  • I never thought of Jazzmen, Detroit as a $500 record either – seems like ten times the going rate. It is excellent; I had a BYG pressing for a long time which I eventually unloaded. Need to pick up at least a dark maroon (60s) pressing to fill the gap.

  • Yeah, my mental price-gauge appears to be off!

  • I have been searching my lokal thrift shops and fleemarkets in Copenhagen Denmark, were i live, for jazz records. And I have found quiet a few Blue notes and other great jazz records during the last couple of years.
    Im currently checking my Blue note albums, trying to find out if they are fist press. This webside is a big help!

    Im looking for some help with a Cannonball adderley – Somthin’ Else, blue note 1595.
    It’ has deep groove on one side, but not on the other and a “R” under the B.
    It’s got the “Ear” and the RVG on both sides.
    The adresse says BLUE NOTE RECORDS INC., 43 west 61st ST., New York 23, on the cover.
    On the label it says Blue Note records INC, New York USA.
    Can any one help me on what edition that is? And what’s the price for that pressing? Both cover and vinyl is NM.

  • Mads,you sound like you’re just starting out in this,so good luck to you. You’re probably best served by several sources such as:
    1)popsike.com (Just enter any title into the search engine and see what an lp has been selling for,when it sold,with images,too.)
    2)Buy Fred Cohen’s book on Blue Note lp collecting-available thru Jazz Record Center. You’ll be glad you did.
    3)Even a brief search thru THIS site will turn up loads of info on the Somethin’ Else title. It’s been discussed at length before,so what you want to know will be found..and then some.
    4)No,it’s not a first press. Now,let your fingers do the walking and find out why by referring to the sources listed above. Have fun!

  • Mads:

    Don’t listen to CeeDee.

    My life was much simpler when I thought if I had a Blue Note with a white and blue label (and wasn’t DMM or Pathe), I was all set. Too many explorers died searching for the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth.

    Beware the Dark Side

  • Mads,I was reminded of this interview with Blue Note maven Michael Cuscuna from a few years ago. A fun read for newcomers and long-time listeners alike, it has a lot of info that might inspire other searches.

    And,by the way,don’t listen to DaveS!(lol)

  • He he, thanks for the input ceedee and DaveS! I Will listen to both of you! And give the different sources a go, I know popsike, witch i use often. The book looks interesting.
    And don´t worry DaveS, I won’t turn to the dark side, not right now at least! Finding cheap blue note LP’s at fleemarkets and discovering its a first press or a later press, but just a really good jazz record, gives me enough thrill at the moment!

    I will keep investigating….. and wonder!
    Take this:


    Why is that a first press, when the “R” and INC is present?

  • Because it came out 2-3 years after Somethin’ Else when the “R” and INC were on current labels.

  • aaa.. the Dark Passenger,.. it houses in almost every collector.
    Strange, how a sound can be heared “differently” ,only by theoretical information,.. or am i just a snob, ha!

    The Capeverdian blues by the way: A beautifull album, i like this period of horace quite alot, also thanks to Joe!
    Sounds nicest offcourse on a first pres., ha!

  • Mads – you have a “New York USA” pressing from 1963. It’s a second generation pressing which used the original stampers. Sounds superb, a very nice record. For label info, see the londonjazzcollector website, Fred Cohen’s book on Blue Notes, or the Goldmine jazz record price guide. Cheers.

  • Joe L,
    It’s at least a third pressing as it was first released on the “West 63rd label” with no “Inc.”, then the West 63rd label with “Inc.” and then the “New York USA” label which came out around 1961/62. I agree it is an excellent sounding pressing and a very nice record none the less.

  • Joe L,
    Thanks a lot! The londonjazzcollector website is a big help.

  • Aaron – you’re right, of course. I tend to blur the “R” and “no R” pressings in my own mind.

  • By the way, I realize that is cardinal sin amongst collectors! As I’m not in that league, it’s the same to me when viewing from afar.

  • I note that London Jazz Collector-who’s own blog is essential reading-has done a great service to newbies and old-timers alike with his Blue Note ‘cheat sheet’. Everything you need to know re:labels. Thank you,LJC!

  • CV Blues (Silver) sold for $280 – prev high tjat I’m aware of was under $100 – however latter was Stereo – I’ve often been curious about the relative value of Mono vs Stereo (other than the clear re-releases) – my curiosity stimulated further when Djukic claims his Stereo offer is “much rarer” than the mono. Does he have information on that, and is he right, and what is the relative value in most situations?

    Any ideas?

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