A Veritable Cornucopia of 10-Inch Jazz Vinyl

As is our usual custom, we were perusing the jazz vinyl listings on eBay this evening and we happened to notice an unusually large number of interesting 10-inch LPs for sale, some of which we shall share with you henceforth, including:

Kenny Dorham, Afro-Cuban, Blue Note 5065. A beauty, no? This one is in M- condition for the record and what looks to be VG+ for the cover. The current price is around $225 and there are three days to go.

Here’s the next one up in the 10-inch Blue Note catalogue: Hank Mobley Quartet, Blue Note 5066. This is an original pressing, of course,and the vinyl looks to be M- and the cover somewhat close to M-. The current price is $338 and there are also three days to go.

Another 10-inch Blue Note? Why not. Here’s The Amazing Bud Powell, Blue Note 5003. This is an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It is being offered by Euclid Records and is currently at about $115.

Here’s the one on the list that will probably sell for the highest price:

Charlie Parker, Dial 203. This is part of that auction closing tomorrow from the Jazz Record Center. It is listed in “virtually mint” condition, which is saying a lot. This one is in the $350 range for now.

Here’s one on the Imperial label — don’t see too many of those, do you? Charlie Mariano With his Jazz Group, Imperial 3006. This is an original pressing in Ex condition. In classic Goldmine grading, what is Ex equivalent to  — VG+ or perhaps a little better than VG+. It would be nice if grading were standard.


  • Seeing those 10″ers reminds me about my copies of those sides. Both of them have a folded pamphlet/catalog insert that, as I recall (I don’t have them handy at the moment), have a brief story about the label and then lists the catalog to date. They are blue ink on white paper. I only mention it because I’ve never come across them anywhere else and I never see them mentioned in BN 10″ auctions. Are these scarce? Scarce as the records, I imagine, but otherwise – do you guys all have stacks of them?

  • no, I have gotonly one.

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