An Afternoon Soul Stirrin’ in Paris

Let’s catch up on some interesting jazz vinyl auctions we’ve been watching on eBay.

For as long as I’ve been collecting, it’s nice to know that there’s always something new to learn. Here’s a record I’ve like for a long time: John Lewis and Sacha Distel, Afternoon in Paris. I’ve only owned this as an Atlantic recording, black label, of course, and I frankly had no idea that it was originally issued in France under the Versailles label, Versailles, MDX 12 005. I just checked out the liner notes on my Atlantic pressing and it makes no mention of Versailles. It does mention that Barney Wilen was only 19 years old at the time of the recording, which is pretty incredible considering how well he plays on this record and how mature he sounds. Anyway, this copy was in VG++ condition for the record and M- for the cover, which was the soft cover that seemed to be typical of the European pressings in those days. This copy sold for $630. The highest price we’ve recorded for the Atlantic pressing in the Jazz Collector Price Guide has been $121.

This is by far the highest price we’ve seen for this record: Bennie Green, Soul Stirrin’, Blue Note 1599. This was listed in M- condition for both the record and seemed to attract a bidding war among three or four potential buyers. The winning bid was $825.67. I’m sure the presence of Sonny Clark helps to inflate the price. I always liked that they used “Jug” as a pseudonym to hide one of the tenor players, obviously not worrying too much that anyone would be able to identify Gene Ammons, and not worrying too much about contractual obligations. It’s as obvious, but not quite as creative, as the use of Buckshot La Funke to disguise Cannonball Adderley on one of the Louis Smith Blue Notes.




  • Hello ,

    I have found some old personal items from Peter Elliott Nyegaard who was a famues Danish Jazz musician (trombone)


    he toured in USA late 60ies, and did a lot of TV here in Denmark.

    The reason I post here, is that I have found some old stuff, thats related to him.

    I dont know if anybody, would be interested in the items ?? there are old records (unfortunally did my sister throw out all the tapes)

    my mother had old private recordings, of all the Jazz concerts she visited, since the 60ies, I dont know if they would be of any use.

    There are also an old Theiss/Nyegaard Jazz band, fanclub sign, with the tekst
    ” The Theis – Nyegaard fanclub , nothing too large nothing too small ”

    Its Black letters, printed on White fabric/cloth, and its in a Black wood frame (original) .

    There is also a very private thing, its Peter,s napkin holder in real Silver, with his birthday ingraved.

    I just Googled Jazz collectors, and found this page, any help in getting these things to a person who will cherish them, will be nice.

    There is also some old 78 Jazz records (too many to list)

    my Email is jc(AT) if anyone wants to ask a question?

    Cheers Jens Christian

  • This album is simply wonderful, it’s definitely one of the best European jazz albums ever made. I have the Versailles pressing and I saw a UK pressing with the same sleeve a while back on ebay.

  • I had this Versailles LP in less than NM condition and traded it in for the Atlantic. At the time I was happy to have a thick cardboard american sleeve. In fairness to Atlantic, on my copy they print something like “this session was recorded by Versailles Records, Paris”.
    Yes, I saw the British version on EBay recently. Same picture of John and Sacha. It is on the U.K. Oriole label.
    A great session indeed.

  • Hello Jens, it sounds interesting; don’t you think it would be better to bring the entire inheritance of Peter Elliott Nyegaard to a national jazz archive or jazz/music related institution in Denmark? They have the knowledge and experience to look after this material. The countless 78s you mention may include irreplaceable, historically significant and maybe even presumed lost recordings. If your mother had private recordings of jazz concerts she visited in the sixties then you should bring that, too, to a national archive or something like it. It would be much better to do all that than to simply ‘throw it online’.

  • Jens, One thing to consider is that 78s are real difficult to ship. Mattyman has a great idea to me, although I can understand going a different route trying to sell the items. Good luck and please let us know what you do. Most of us here would be very interested in hearing any stories you would have.

  • Hi! my name is Yan i am 24 from Australia. I just stumbled across this and i feel really really strange saying/asking this but I am actually a grandson of Peter Elliott Nyegaard. His daughter Oona was my mother and she passed away when we moved to Australia and I was just 19 months old.
    I never got to meet my grandfather and know very little.. something like this means the world to me and I dont know how to say it but could i buy it off you or something?? please I would do more than vherish i would cry !!!

  • Hi all, I was in contact with someone from the Danish Jazz archive, but I never heard anything back from them ?

    The private items from Peter, will be given to Yan Callan, and his Aunt Tanya.

    Maybe the 78,s will be sold ? not sure who wants them ? and as stated = difficult to send by post.

    Jens Christian

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