And Another Rare Jazz Vinyl Quartet

tadd-dameronAnyway. Here are some of the rare jazz records we are watching on eBay, starting with Tadd Dameron, Fontainebleau, Prestige 7037. This is an original yellow label pressing with the New York address. The record is listed in M- condition for the vinyl and Ex for the cover, with a promo stamp and some damage on the back. The bidding is in the $225 range with more than four days left. Although this is a nice record from the early Prestige 12-inch catalogue, it’s never been one that has been overly attractive to collectors, although it looks pretty good to me. Here’s another Prestige from the same seller that most collectors will find to be quite a bit more enticing: Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message, Prestige  7061. This is also an original New York yellow label. The record is in M- condition and the cover is listed as M-, although I may slightly quibble and push it down to VG++ based on the picture. The price is in the $560 range, also with four days left on the auction.

Man, Ike Quebec is more popular now than he ever was when he was alive: Ike Quebec, Blue & Sentimental, Blue Note 4098. This is an original New York USA pressing with the ear, RVG and what looks to be deep grooves. The record is in M- condition and the cover is VG++. The bidding has already surpassed $500 with nearly four days left on the auction. What do we make of the spike in prices for Ike Quebec Blue Notes? Is it because they are Blue Notes, or is Ike getting some love all on his own?

Finally, here is a favorite of mine and, after all these years, one in which I don’t own an original pressing: Jackie McLean, A Long Drink of the Blues, New Jazz 8253. This looks to be an original mono pressing with the purple labels and the deep grooves. The record is VG++ or M- and the cover is VG++. The bidding is in the $425 range, also with nearly four days left on the auction.



  • Interesting seller, claims to be contributor to JC and LJC.

  • I said ‘interesting seller ‘, but did not notice the rest of the text There we have manusardi from Germany. I have the experience of several borderline gradings (he covers himself by saying that all gradings are subjective). I decided not to trade anymore with this seller, too risky.
    JC ‘s contributor selling the Mobley on Prestige adheres to the global shipping programme. At the actual bidding, the import dues to France stand at 154 dollars. There is no way seller and buyer can escape. Ebay will invoice and cash in. Whether they will in the end pay to French customs is an open question. I don’t understand sellers who limit themselves unnecessarily.

  • The seller of the Mobley, with all his supposed contributions to the various collecting forums, should know what NM covers look like. This makes me skeptical of the vinyl too…

  • Rudolf, thank you for pointing out the notice in the listing that the seller describes himself as a “contributor” to Jazz Collector. By that, it must mean that he posts comments on the site, which anyone in the world can do. A little deceptive, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Hmm, the cover’s nice enough, but it could not be described as near mint by any standard, unless Prestige released their LPs with pre-worn covers.

  • Al, that is exactly what I meant to imply: creating an undeserved status.

  • Hey Al – based on the corner bump, which also looks like a minor split and the paper tear from the price tag, I’d actually bump this down to a VG+ cover. I know that it’s nice and shiny, but those flaws make a difference. I still have the 2nd Message with a NM for the record and VG++ (strong) for the cover available for any takers!!!

  • Hey Jason – shoot me a message about Mobley’s Second – I would be interested. Thanks! Email is

  • Not much more then a year ago I got a “ear” mono copy of “blue and sentimental” in NM condition as a buy it now on eBay for $35! And my cover looks better then the one featured here…

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