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Cliff Jordan Jazz VinylNow that all of the excitement over the new site has settled in, let’s get back to the business of watching rare jazz vinyl on eBay, starting with Cliff Jordan, Cliff Craft, Blue Note 1582. This is an original pressing with the West 63rd Street address and deep grooves. It is listed in Ex condition for both the record and the cover, and the pictures show there may be some issues with the back cover for those who are sticklers. The bidding on this is in the $450 range with more than three days left. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one sneaking into or approaching the $1,000 bin, which is certainly too rich for my blood, although this is an album that has long eluded me.

Here are a couple of nice 10-inch LPs that may not sell at a fairly optimistic (for the seller) starting price:

Jimmy Raney, Quartet, New Jazz 1101. This is an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. I love the cover on this one:


Jimmy Raney Jazz Vinyl

The same seller has another Raney record of similar vintage: Jimmy Raney Ensemble, New Jazz 1103. This is also an original pressing, listed in M- condition for both the record and the cover. Both records have a start price of $175 and neither one has a bid yet with a list more than three days left on the auctions.

I would expect this one to fetch a nice price: Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby, Riverside 399. This is an original white label promo copy, which seem to be highly in demand. The record is listed in VG++ condition and the cover is probably VG+. The bidding is in the $265 range and the auction closes later today. Do you think this will break $1,000? I do.


  • Love those New jazz labels

  • Those Raney 10″s look beautiful. The cover of the quartet side is amazing.

    I think I’ve bought from recordfriendadam before and didn’t have any problems.

  • So Waltz For Debby went for a wopping US$2,248.00! Not sure i’d want to pay that sort of a price for an “Inc” Riverside, even if it is a white label promo. I guess if it scarce enough though, the market will dictate what it’s worth.

    Just before the Bill Evans finished, Atomic sold a copy of Whistle Stop for US$455.00 that was in pretty nice condition. All that was mentioned in the description was that it had the RVG stamp, no mention of “P” or ear, no deep groove on either side, which i’m pretty sure this one is supposed to have.

    Here is the link:

    Another one I had watched was Sonny Rollins Prestige 7029 that went for US$579.00; not the highest price ever paid, but i thought it was getting up there for this title:

    That’s my 10 cents worth…..

  • the two Raney albums are lovely indeed. But international bidders alert! This seller is a member of the Global Shipping Program (GSP). A vicious scheme developed by EBay in which the seller ships the merchandise to a handling centre run by EBay, who check the merchandise on conformity, re-package it and cash in the customs duties which are theoretically due in the country of residence of the buyer. In the case of the Jimmy Raney album the customs for France are calculated at $ 41.00 and will rise when bidding increases. The seller certainly pays to EBay when he adheres to the program, but he makes himself a less attractive seller view the tremendous costs which he is obliged to charge before he can send the item to the EBay dispatching centre.
    Anyone who has an experience with this wicked GSP? I had one, when an English buyer charged me import duties due in France, although within the EC no import duties are levied. I protested. Also, I did not want my precious vinyl be inspected and checked on conformity through the hands of some barbarian dispatch clerk.
    To get out of this quagmire, I could agree with buyer to cancel the deal. He then re-listed the item under the “buy it now” formula at an agreed date and hour, and for thenew listing he got out of the GSP and offered normal shipping.

  • correction: …English SELLER….

  • Yeah, I’ve heard of the GSP – it’s jive. I suppose that works fine for Amazon-style new widgets at BINs below retail value, but collectibles? No way.

  • Ugh. Global shipping. Yet another example of how eBay “improvements” make it even more annoying.

    I live in Canada and whenever I see a seller that only uses global shipping I ignore their auctions.

  • By the way, did anyone notice that copy of “whistle stop” which Atomic records were auctioning on eBay? It was sort of a tricky mention of “ear” or deep groove…only the “van gelder” stamp and “47 w 63” labels. I suspect this was a non-plastylite Liberty era issue yet the bidding was into the $400 range..don’t know what it ended up at.

  • Hi Rudolf, yes i have had first hand experience of the dreaded GSP. I can only describe the GSP as a legal scam.
    I made a complaint to Ebay about this, asking why a buyer should effectively pay two lots of shipping charges.

    They happily explained away the GSP concept, but when I asked why I’ve never been charged all these customs charges on the many records that i’ve been purchased before, which incidentally should be charges that customs of the destination country should be charging anyway, they wouldn’t answer my simple question.

    I had bought a copy of Mobley’s Message, and in the end, I had to negotiate with the seller to send it USPS, but in order to do so, he had to relist it, which all worked out in the end fortunately for me.
    Simple answer as Mark above states, don’t bid in auctions that are going to ship via the GSP.

    Did you see the Global Shipping Program charge and the shipping charge on the Waltz For Debby auction?
    $426.32 + $48.50 = US$474.82!! I wonder if the buyer knows they have to pay this on top of the auction price. What a rip off!

  • Hey Mark, i have a comment that is still awaiting moderation which included a link to that Atomic auction. Whistle Stop went for US$455.00 in the end. All that was mentioned in the description was that it had the RVG stamp. As you say, there was no mention of ā€œPā€ or ear, no deep groove on either side, which iā€™m pretty sure this one is supposed to have.

  • Mark/Mike J (NZ): that is the lesson I learnt too, avoid sellers who adhered to the GSP. A stupid rip-off. It cannot work properly. Are they supposed to send money to the tax authorities in the country of destination? Come on, impossible for practical and legal reasons.

  • Mike – I’m sure that “Whistle Stop” was a Liberty era pressing with 47 w 63rd labels. I used to have a copy of “The Connection” that was similiar…47 w 63rd labels and RVG stamp but no ear. Somebody got a very expensive reissue! I personally do not like ebay sellers who are coy/tricky with regards to revealing all info pertaining to the pressing. They should clearly state whether there is a plastylite mark or not.

  • I have the same copy of “Whistle Stop”, everything about it looks like an original first pressing but no “P” or DG. Over the years I’ve gotten quite of few of the “fake” 63rd St pressings, they were much cheaper than the originals and with the Van Gelder stamp they sound amazing. My impression was that these were released when or before Blue Note was sold to Liberty Records. The records had to be repressed but all the covers and labels were original and sitting on shelves in the warehouse. The covers are from the original laminated copies! To do an over-run after setting up the presses costs almost nothing, which is why they still had Lexington and 63rd St labels and slicks. The only other thing they all shared was none of them had the original inner sleeve, besides the lack of a DG and “P” in the vinyl.

  • I don’t doubt they sound great; but $455 is ridiculous for a reissue. But I’m sure you didn’t pay that much for your copy šŸ˜‰

  • The maroon and white New Jazz 10″ labels are sweet (I have the Raney 1101). The close up photos of the on these two revealed edge, corner and ring wear which in my book does not equal NM. Musically these are great lp’s.

  • As a frequent Ebay buyer, (especially electric guitar parts and records), i no longer buy or bid from any seller who use Ebay GSP. Customs duties (and sometimes shipping costs) are probihitives from the US.

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  • GSP, if it’s a required opt-in, could push people towards Discogs. Once I find a seller on Discogs I really like, I tend to use them a lot – and get the resultant discounts and early-bird hookups. Of course there isn’t really much bidding going on, though offers are made.

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