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Cliff Jordan Jazz VinylI see that everyone is quite focused on the Dr. Herb Wong collection from the seller funkyousounds, so please feel free to continue the discussion on the previous post. For me it’s time to move on to some other records on eBay, starting with a batch from the seller vinyl.unlimited. You may recall that this seller had a bunch of very nice jazz vinyl, seemingly from the top of my want list, but the bidding wasn’t reaching the reserve prices. Well, that changed as the auctions closed and most of the records did wind up selling, and fetching top prices as you might expect. A couple of examples: Cliff Jordan, Cliff Craft, Blue Note 1582. This was an original pressing that was described as VG++ for both the record and the cover, although, IMHO, the dirt on the back of the cover and the labels precluded this record from being VG++. Hopefully the seller was more scrupulous with the vinyl. This one sold for $1,275. Kenny Dorham, Quiet Kenny, New Jazz 8225. This was an original purple label pressing with a promo stamp. The record was listed as M- and the cover was VG++. The final price was $3,284.56.

Not everything reached the reserve prices, so the seller is back with some of those very same items, including: Lou Donaldson, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet, Blue Note 1537. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing listed in VG++ condition for the record and the cover. The bidding is in the $135 range, and it has yet to reach the seller’s reserve price. In fact, most of the records that have been re-listed haven’t reached the reserve price. Perhaps the seller should say they are from the collection of Dr. Herb Wong. That would certainly get the action moving.


  • Is it the artist or the music? Just wondering. Mr Dorham vs. Mr Jordan.

  • I am consistently weirded out by the photoshop presentation of the vinyl.unlimited auctions, though apparently they do sell despite this.

    “Quiet Kenny” is an amazing record – Dorham really goes places on the horn – while “Cliff Craft” is a good record. Quite good, but to me it doesn’t have all the spectacular pieces put into place that the Dorham does, in some places even prefiguring someone like Bill Dixon.

  • My one annoyance is that vinyl.unlimited postings don’t allow zooming of the photos. You have to save them in PNG or JPEG format, to allow more intense scrutiny. But, he offers excellent titles, and his feedback shows that buyers are satisfied.

  • I have a Japanese XRCD of the Dorham that I bought for a blow out price of $15 a few years back; it sounds incredible so no need to borrow from the bank on an original!

  • Clifford Allen .. totally agree
    vinyl.unlimited auctions are posted by someone with a very frustrated graphic design itch!!
    I hate seeing over polished pics in listings, makes me very dubious about bidding.

  • guys, what’s the problem with our auctions????? Are you jealous we scored the Dr. Herb Wong collection? come on’ we are a STORE and we have to pay the bills. The purchase price is not of your business but please go ahead and discuss for hours the prices we fetched on ebay…

  • I don’t understand the references to “photoshop” and “frustrated graphic design”. The guy obviously uses a stand in order to get squared up pictures and controls his lighting to get accurate color. He does not edit out cover defects, scratches or anything as far as I can see (which anyone can do with far less intrusive programs than Photoshop). His background program takes a little too long to load, which might be a legitimate gripe.

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