Blue Note Vinyl and A Blue Note Loss

Fuller2 copyLet’s begin the day with some Blue Notes on my own personal want list, starting with Curtis Fuller, The Opener, Blue Note 1567. This looks to be an original pressing with the West 63rd address, deep grooves, RVG and ear. The record is listed as M- and the cover is VG++. The price is currently around $450 with more than three days to go. This record, in this condition, I fully expect to sell for more than $1,000. This is another one of those records that I owned and sold about 35 years ago to buy a boat. You know the story: The boat sank and I’ve still never replaced the record.

Lee Morgan Sextet, Blue Note 1541. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing. The record is in M- condition and the cover is VG++. This one is in the $460 range and I also expect it to sell for more than $1,000. This was

one of the first jazz records I ever bought. My father was a big Lee Morgan fan and I was at Sam Goody’s and saw this record on the shelf and I was familiar with the song “Whisper Not.”  Unfortunately, when I was buying records like this new and off the shelf at record stores in the early 1970s, they were Liberty pressings. The copy I purchased was re-channeled stereo with the blue and white Liberty labels. It’s the one I still own.

Well,, who wouldn’t want this one: Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568. This is an original/semi-original pressing with the West 63rd address on both sides and no NY 23. The record is in M- condition and the cover is VG++. The price is in the $1,400 range with nearly six days to go and this one could make it to $3,000 or more, one would guess.

Speaking of Blue Note, there was a note across the wires yesterday that former Blue Note president Bruce Lundvall had passed away at age 79. The New York Times obituary can be found here. I imagine there are readers of Jazz Collector who knew him personally, so if you would like to comment, please be my guest. I guess he had what would be a dream job for many of our readers, responsible for the entire Blue Note catalog.  What would you do if you had it?



  • The Morgan has a none-frame jacket it looks like.

  • Gregorythefish

    does anyone else notice that every picture of curtis fuller makes him look like he has no idea how to play the trombone or why it’s even near his face? always makes me laugh.

    because the man sure did know how to play the trombone.

  • That’s hilarious, I see what you are talking about!

  • That Hank Mobley 1568 was sold previously early this year and then the transaction was cancelled over the question of it being a 1st pressing. I contacted the seller afterward to negotiate a price off-eBay, and was told that they were going to keep it unless they received a “silly ridiculous” price for it. Guess the bills still have to be paid so it’s back on the block.

  • What does none-frame jacket mean? Is that good or bad?

  • Ok, so the 1568 sold for a “silly ridiculous price” allright… get this people: $11,229!!!?
    What the hell is going on? 🙂


  • Well, on a strict investment point of view, peopple who paid it around 2500 / 3000 some years ago were right.

    What amazes me on this one, is that it is not the most coveted NY23 (although it is inappropriate to call this famous NY 23 “first press”), and moreover it is not the best copy ever seen : damaged corners, used seams etc…Now the pictures are fine and that shiny lamination does the job…

  • I would expect this is a “flyer” … caused by a bidding war with a buyer with extreme discretionary income for such an item. But I want to analyze the bidding progression. Just doesn’t make sense, this escalation based on past selling prices.

  • …that Fuller went for over $3000 – seems high to me!

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