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Blue TrainDidn’t quite get in all of the jazz vinyl auctions I wanted to post from yesterday, so here are a few more.

John Coltrane, Blue Train, Blue Note 1577. This was an original pressing. The seller didn’t give it a grade, but from the description is sounded like the vinyl was probably M-. The cover was probably VG++, based on the pictures. It sold for a whopping $3,000. That’s far and away the highest price we’ve ever seen for Blue Train in the Jazz Collector Price Guide.

Thelonious Monk, Monk, With Sonny Rollins and Frank Foster, Prestige 7053. This was a New Jersey pressing, not an original. The cover also had the New Jersey address. This one has the Andy Warhol cover, which gives it some additional prestige, if you’ll pardon the play on words. The record was in VG++ condition and the cover looked to be VG++ as well. This one was listed by bobjdukic, and he has somehow figured a way to get prices that no one else can match. For this second pressing, he was able to get a top bid of $955.21.

Here’s another Warhol cover from the same seller:

Johnny Griffin, The Congregation, Blue Note 1580. This looks to be an original pressing. The record is listed in G+ or VG- condition, which means there is a lot of surface noise, acknowledged by the seller. The cover is listed in VG++ condition, although based on the pictures if I was selling it I would grade it no higher than VG+. This one sold for $475.99. A lot, but more reasonable than the Monk, wouldn’t you say?





  • if you sell other people’s records – without even mentioning it you can have the owners bid it up for everyone invloved!

  • There’s an OJC press (prestige 7053) on ebay right now that’s up to $200+ … people are stoopid.

  • I know that TRANE is gonna be nice but really EX for a cover that has browning and spots? M- record? … c’mon – you’re telling me it’s gonna look like a brand new Queens of the Stone Age or any new lp you can buy? Probably not. I wouldn’t want to have $3K into a record that had pink spots on the label. People fall for this lame ebay private seller marketing crap far too often.
    $3000 buckeroos … wow!

  • Someone is completely nuts to pay almost 1000 dollars for a second pressing of PRLP 7053 not even in M- condition. It’s strange to say the least. I have to say the listings by Bob D are like a big smoke screen. Can’t believe that people are finding the listings even remotely professional and to the point when he first write: “VERY EARLY PRESSING CIRCA 1957/58…” and then writes: “THIS IS THE ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, FIRST U.S. PRESSING..” What is it Bob? Early or first? Completely unacceptable to lie in a listing.

  • The reason the 1577 sold for that amount is the presence of a NY23 label. A 1st pressing should have this and you almost never see that. It’s extremely rare as is the 1575 with a NY23 label.

  • The 1st pressing of 1577 (& 1575)has the NY23 on one side, w 63 on the other – that is exactly what the sold item has – a rarity would be if it had the NY23 on both sides (or, I believe, neither) – I believe this is what Fred Cohens book says also.

  • So this answers my 1575 question (another blog) – CITY LIGHTS should have a NY23 on one side(in a perfect world)

    Labels are a good indicator but aren’t the end all holy grail of carbon BN dating however. In my other blog I mention the fact that the “bisquit” made will have the labels on them before pressing begins and then, if not pressed, stored away. Companies always use found stock (years later) so old labels can appear at any time and be used. That is why you have old labels on Liberty era pressings (no ears) for example.

    The PLASTYLITE symbol is always the key to a fine BN lp. It is the end all here(the 1577 auction) because it confirms the labels used were probably the ones on hand at the time of release. Still … $3000 for that record? I don’t know? That be alot of mula-la! My 1577 is a double sided INC/R label with double DG and ears just for the record (always wanted to say that!) I only paid $150 for it a few years back. VG/VG+ record with about the same cover – I have-eth not-eth the original-eth 1575-eth sorry to say. I have a Liberty press of it though!!!!!!!!!!

    1957 is the weirdest transition era for BN labels as there is so much overlay of them – the older NY23 / the no INC or R / the 47W63rd with INC – they all got used! This is interesting: GOLDMINE says BLP 1575 was released in 1958 but BLP 1577 was released in 1957. I know this is semi-common for BN but can anyone really verify that as Neely is sometimes wrong. Ok, always wrong!
    Back to ears and dating:
    Even if for audio purposes, stay with the ear folks! You can’t go wrong with it even if the labels are wrong and no DG or wrong cover – you got the ear press!

  • Got me thinking – Coltrane played on SONNY’S CRIB / WHIMS OF CHAMBERS & A BLOWIN’ SESSION. Any other BN sessions I can’t think of that he is on?

  • my ny usa blue train rvgstereo only costed ten bucks, im sticking with that

  • The 1577…I love the $3.69 sale sticker on the back of the jacket. This always puts things into perspective.
    I have many original titles with these great little bits of ‘perspective’ on them.

    that NY23 label sure is rare on this title,
    so i figure the difference from a normal ‘original’
    without the NY23 is about $2000 in this condition….
    that works out $222 PER LETTER for the New York 23

  • Zarabeth47:

    What is the address of your other blog?

  • That OJC for $200+ is the height of idiocy.

  • I’m the buyer for the Blue Train 1577 and it’s a gorgeous record. Much nicer than the pictures suggested and plays beautifully. I’ve got a number of later pressings of this beauty in my collection, with and without the “R” and with and without a deep groove label.

    This is the only NY23 that I’ve been able to find in this condition after nearly four years of searching so even if the price was a bit steep, I’d rather sleep well at night knowing that I got it as opposed to loosing sleep knowing that I missed it for a few hundred dollars and wait another four or five years for it to show up again.

    All of the NY23’s are classic cuts for hard bop fans, and the Trane, as well as the Mobleys and Morgans are just incredible to listen to and a pleasure to have.

  • Congrats Elbee.

  • lend me a $ Elbee, i’ll pay you back!

  • elbbe-jazzyme: great, Congrats, thats what it is all about, feelin’ pretty sattisfied with a vinyl record 😉

  • Elbee — congratulations. I’m sure it’s thrilling to look on your shelves and see these beautiful original pressings. Even more thrilling when you put them on the turntable.

  • Good discussion, I think we all love bobs ebay auctions though, good on him, I got an etta James from bob recently and the packaging was the best but ebay accuracy in general needs to be policed, especially with jazz titles. I just got a most beautiful blue train original for $170, near mint and just gorgeous, reminds me why I collect records and love jazz, it’s the ultimate 20th c artefact. But does someone know when the stereo was released? Such a massive price discrepancy bw mono and stereo, I’m so happy to get an original of either. And we’re all stereo issues with the ‘R’ label?
    Cheers from oz!

  • DaveS:
    My other blog was on this site on an adjacent “Al’s” page

  • Right on elbee! Does the record sound better than a non 23 label?

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