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Back to eBay with a few more recent jazz vinyl auctions, starting with: Chet Baker, Chet, Riverside 299. This looks to be an original pressing in VG+ condition. It sold for $337, which is the highest price we’ve ever recorded for this record in the Jazz Collector Price Guide (although, admittedly, this is not one that have have often followed). Why such a high price tag for this one? It’s got to be the presence of Bill Evans on piano, right?

Sonny Clark Trio, Blue Note 1579. This is an original West 63rd pressing listed in VG+ condition with some minor scratches and EXC for the cover, which seems to be equivalent to VG++ based on the seller’s description. It sold for $760. It used to be records had to be in near mint condition, or close to near mint, to fetch those kinds of collectible prices, but no more. There is a huge demand for any of these high-end collectibles in any condition, and certainly in any condition that will give you a good listening experience.

How about another Blue Note:

Miles Davis Volume 2, Blue Note 1502. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing that was in nice condition for the record, either VG++ or M-, and probably VG+ for the cover. It sold for $393.

And back to France once again: Zoot Sims with Henri Renaud and Jon Eardley, Ducretet Thomson 250-V023. This was an original 10-inch pressing in pretty weak condition, just G for the record with a “constant cackle” and a VG cover. Nevertheless, someone wanted this record enough to pay $299.99 for it — although I am always suspicious of one-bid auctions, because of the possibility that the seller would have a separate account or a ringer make a bid just to spike interest.





  • The seller of the Sonny Clark had a number of great albums up for sale. I was surprised to see the final price on Art Blakey’s “A Night at the Birdland” ( I also found it interesting that the description of the recent jazz LPs are different than that of the classical records recently sold.

  • That seller also had some fine Euro/Scandinavian jazz LPs that I wish I’d seen!

  • This Chet album has to be in NM condition to be enjoyed, because all the tunes are very soft. Just like in trio albums, a NM condition is a premium. Althought i have an original copy it, i really prefer “Chet Baker In NY” with Johnny Griffin.

  • Everytime I see either Miles Davis Vol.1 or Vol.2, I’m glad that I was once able to lay hands on both for less than a 100 bucks each. I was thrilled when I finally had them both in my hands. Too bad the Sonny Clark Trio is not in my collection yet. 😉

  • Regarding the Zoot Sims on Ducretet-Thomson: it’s worth noting that someone supposedly paid 299.99 USD for what according to the description is a Uruguyan pressing….

  • The Chet album is one of my favourites. I have a beautiful M-/M- copy of it. I think the album should cost even more as it’s difficult to find in top condition and the fact that it’s so great. Love Chet Baker and it should be because of him and not Bill Evans it sells for good money. By the way, I’ve moved sites to as my last blog hosting service was down frequently. I’ve only started to post some of the old stuff from the last blog again, but new stuff will follow!

  • I agree Fredrik, that Chet Baker album on Riverside is great and Pepper Adams playing on it is not too shabby either. I’ve been trying to track down an decent affordable original for years. The Analogue Productions reissue will have to do until one comes along!

  • The Chet album in stereo is one of the worst original stereo pressings I have ever heard. Almost all of the horns except for Herbie Mann’s flute are heard out of the left channel. Evans’ piano is very soft, and is one of the few instruments heard out of the right channel. Definitely track down the mono pressing or use your mono switch for that album.

  • Upstate Bill –> What’s stereo..? 😉

  • Hi I’m new to this board, but a long time collector. I use ebay when I can’t find records elsewhere, but I don’t understand the huge discrepency in prices. Take the above Miles Davis vol. 2. Sold for $393. Now compare it to this one:

    Sold for $81. Surely the seller alone can’t account for the huge difference. Am I missing something here?

  • Matt

    I dont deal on e-bay but if there are any records you are searing for let me know as I may have it and you can tell me what you think it is worth and if we agree it is deal.


  • Matt i dont do e-bay either good collection anything you are looking for please make contact

  • Matt: quality is the name of the game. There is a marked difference in the quality of the vinyl.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Rudolf, I totally understand and appreciate that condition greatly impacts prices. But given that the vinyl on the record I linked to is listed at VG++ for side one and VG/VG+ for side two I just thought that a 5x price jump just seems strange. I feel like whoever purchased that one for $81 got a steal. The larger point I was trying to make is it seems there are a handful of sellers on ebay that just by virtue of their history command very high prices. It’s not right or wrong, just something I’ve noticed.

    Katy and Geoff: Forgive me but other than posting another comment on this thread I am not exactly sure how to reach either of you. I’m always in the market to buy good jazz records.

  • I have Little Giant by Johnny Griffen and several Cannonball Adderley al on Riverside somthing tells me their not quite the thing what should i be looking for

  • Matt im in the uk ive got a good collection will list them some time and take it from there

  • Amongst my records i have ZootSims playing with Bob Brookmeyer cant trace Brookmeyer anybody help please

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