Closing out 2012 With Jazz Vinyl

Here’s an update on some of the jazz vinyl we’ve been watching on eBay as 2012 comes to a close, starting with Johnny Coles, Little Johnny C, Blue Note 4144. This was one of Rudolf’s listings. It was an original pressing and was interesting because it looked as if one side had deep grooves, which seems kind of odd because it was issued after the deep groove era, wasn’t t? This looked like a beauty in M- condition and it sold for $615, so it was not a bad time to be listing this record.

This used to be an item that would regularly sell for more than $1,000 and often more than $2,000, but its value seemed to have been dropping in the past few years: Fred Astaire, The Astaire Story. This is the beautiful bound set that includes the four records, David Stone Martin Prints, photos, booklet and, of course, the original Astaire signature. This one looked to be in beautiful condition and sold for $1,009.

One more that we don’t often track here at Jazz Collector:

Oscar Pettiford, My Little Cello, Debut 132. This looks to be an original Danish pressing. The record was in VG++ condition and the cover was VG+.  The price was $153.50.




  • …Another great year in the Jazz Collective. Thanks for keeping it going Al, looking forward to the 2013 posts. Happy New Year guys !

  • I really think a lot of the Coles session, one of my favorites.

    Only have a mid 70 reissue of it. still sounds good.

  • I’m the one that “set the price” on that Johnny Coles record–I was outbid by the winner. This record just has a lot of feeling.

    Cohen’s book does not document the existence of a one-sided deep groove pressing for this title, so yeah that’s interesting. And there’s still no hard evidence suggesting which pressing is original when one copy of a title has a deep groove and another copy does not with the same label.

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