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milesTime to clear out the email inbox.

For those of you interested in jazz art work, photography and ephemera, there is an auction coming up next week of works collected by the former Blue Note president Bruce Lundvall. The collection is being auctioned by Doyle New York, and parts of it can be seen here, including this pretty cool picture of Miles at the right. Cool stuff. Not necessarily my thing, but cool. Now, if he were to sell of his vinyl, that would be another story.

Speaking of artwork, I find this to be cool as well: A photographer by the name of Eilon Paz has spent several years photographing record collectors with their collections and has recently published them in a book titled “Dust and Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting.” You can check out the article here and the Web site here. The photographer is in Brooklyn. Surprised he hasn’t found me yet. Perhaps now he will.

CeeDee sends me random notes and listings of records that are typically out of both his price range and mine as well. Here’s a recent one:

Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1590. This was an original pressing listed in VG+ condition for the record and Ex for the cover. It sold for $1,400.55. Not sure why this one was particularly more or less painful than all of the other VG+ Blue Notes that are selling for more than $1,000 these days. CeeDee?



  • Love the Dust and Grooves website (and book). You’d be a great addition. Perhaps one day.

  • Gregory The Fish

    Jeff: I see no deep grooves.

    Tough to say, but the cover seems to lack laminate, and that is one heck of a light illusion in the main picture off the vinyl.

    The seller conveniently left off the right half of the back cover, where the barcode would be.

    Smells foul to me.

  • Jeff, Greg the Fish :

    Not only that. He /She only has feedback as a Buyer. None as a Seller.

    Also, scored a beautiful copy of “Memories of Ellington” Johnny Hodges , Norgran MGN-1004 today for $10. There are still deals out there if you dig hard and long enough. Peace

  • Hi Al and Everyone on this informative site.
    I have a question for all and just wanted people’s opinion in general.

    When it comes to record collecting how important is it for you to have a Mint copy VS. something VG/VG+ ?
    And when I state lower grade I mean something that is still very playable and enjoyable to listen to, not completely destroyed.
    As an example I have a lower grade
    Hank Mobley 1550. It plays very well and cover is nice. I am Happy with it. I don’t feel the need to have a MINT copy (unless I got it for a song). So I have lot’s of High grade Lp’s but many lower grade that I would not part with.

    The 2nd question is directed at 1st pressings VS. 2nd.
    I have many 1st but I also have many 2nd and 3rd Blue Notes , Prestige etc etc.
    I am personally happy , for example, with NJ Prestige pressings as much as the New York pressings but I know the New York ones are what most people seem to want.
    I don’t find the Sonic’s that much better or worst for the most part. What is your opinion on the chase for 1st pressings vs 2nd ?

    Thanks Everyone



    This is a Classic Records reissue of 1568, I have the same one, you can see on the back the line “Courtesy Blue Note Records A Division Of Capital Records” on the bottom. This is the only reissue with the NY23 address on side 2, some have DG (later) some don’t (first run). It’s a great reissue and should run about $25 used (Amoebas has one), the seller is such a sleaze!

  • Is there a barcode on the Classic Records 1550?
    Maybe the seller thinks it’s legit original?

  • Does the seller really think someone would be dumb enough to drop 5gs on the reissue?

  • The UPC number he gives is for the Music Matters reissue:
    Very confusing.

  • I mean for “a” Music Matters reissue of a Mobley record. Extra confusing.

  • The seller responded to me that he did not know it was a reissue but still didn’t change the price (or the eBay UPC for Soul Station!) No barcode on Classic Records jackets, only a line of text on the back bottom.

  • Gregory the Fish

    I’ve been thinking about reporting that 1568 guy. Any thoughts? He’s clearly a scammer.

    The grade is of little consequence to me if I can hear the music clearly and crisply with minimal surface noise distraction, and if the front of the cover looks nice. I have an original copy of Coltrane “Live at the Village Vanguard” that looks like death but has a nice cover and plays probably at a VG++/VG+ level. Got it for single clams because it was graded G, and since it was in person, I had the chance to sample it on the store turntable. I didn’t let on that their visual grade was way off from the play grade. But if a mint copy came along for the right price I’d probably scoop it up.

    Of course, when buying on eBay, I rarely if ever buy anything graded below VG+, since I can’t really make the determination myself.

    I do not require mint copies. I do, however, typically prefer first pressings if I can get them. I would only pay 1/3-1/2 the price of a NY Prestige for the same release on NJ labels, for example, mostly because I just like the idea of original documents, not because I think they are superior. The few reissues I have along those lines I am very happy with, but knowing your copy likely came off the press as a brand-new release that few people had ever heard yet is a fun feeling indeed!

    But that’s just me.

  • Gregory the Fish

    Oh shit, he did change the price. Well, there we go.

  • What was the original price?

  • Hahaha!

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