eBaying For Blue Notes and Prestiges

newk copyHere’s some of the jazz vinyl we’re watching on eBay now, starting with Sonny Rollins Plus Four, Prestige 7038. This looks like an original pressing to me with the first cover illustration, which means it is probably the original frame cover. The seller admits he doesn’t know much about jazz records, but he has this listed in VG++ condition for the vinyl and Ex for the cover and it’s certainly a fine-looking record. The start price is $250 and so far there are no bidders. Am I missing something, or will the bidding just come in late?

Among all kinds of weird stuff, this seller has mixed in a couple of 10-inch jazz gems, including Miles Davis, Young Man with a Horn, Blue Note 5013. This looks to be an original 10-inch pressing. In one place the seller lists it as VG+, and in another he has the vinyl as M-. Quite a difference. The start price for this is about $500 and there is one bid.  From the same seller is Miles Davis Volume 2, Blue Note 5022. This one has a similar issue, listed as VG+ in one place and VG++ in another.  This one has a start price of around $400 and there is one bid.

This one also closes today: Tommy Flanagan, The Cats, New Jazz 8217. This looks to be an original pressing in pristine M- condition for both the record and the cover. The bidding is in the $300 range, but it has not yet reached the seller’s reserve price.


  • Gregory the Fish

    ooohhhhh the cats. one of my most wanted records but not for that sort of scratch. it pains me to see a mint copy and not even be able to touch it, though. someday, greg. someday.

  • Was watch The Cats too, but also too rich for my blood.

  • 810 was the final price on The Cats…WOW!!

    I have an original deep groove pressing of this lp that I recently got for $10 at my local record store. It does have a couple scuffs but plays pretty well. Luckily my local store specializes in classic rock lp’s and not jazz…lol.

  • terry, i don’t suppose you’re looking to sell it?

    my jealousy meter is broken. i need to find a bigger model.

  • terryfromflorida

    Gregory, Thanks for the offer but i’m keeping it until I get an upgrade. I was gonna put in a bid on this one, but it was overpriced.

  • well keep me in mind! i’m always here, so just drop a comment if it goes on the market.

    and enjoy it. that’s such a good album.

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