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Now that we’re back home catching up, here’s an update on some jazz vinyl we were watching on eBay, starting with: Red Garland, Groovy, Prestige 7113. This was an original New York yellow label pressing. The record and the cover were in M- condition. It sold for $516, quite a large number for a Red Garland Trio record. Does anyone out there have knowledge and/or a theory why this one would be so highly prized by collectors. The seller was Atomic Records, so I could have visited the store and waved goodbye to this one last week.

The Amazing Bud Powell Volume 2, Blue Note 5041. This was an original 10-inch pressing. The vinyl as probably VG, based on the seller’s description, and the cover was VG+. Great cover. It sold for $317.

Cliff Jordan, Blue Note 1565. This was an original pressing in VG++ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $799.99. I mentioned that I was perhaps interested in bidding for this, and I do believe $800 is a fair price. But paying top dollar is not how I’ve ever chosen to build my collection, and no sense starting now.

Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1543. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing, the last of the Lexingtons, and it has the Andy Warhol cover. The record was in VG++ condition and the cover was probably VG++ as well. It sold for $1,350.





  • Don’t know if it will explain the final price, but this Red Garland album 1) is a very fine session – for sure one of its best, deserves its title… 2) Has an impressive cover signed by Red Miles 3) Is a Prestige 447 W adress album in NM condition. 4) Is sold by a reputable seller…

  • Interesting cover + NM for a NY fireworks label could spark a frenzy. Quite a number of the Red Garland original Prestiges that I’ve seen have punch-out holes. So perhaps a NM really means something to a Red Garland fanatic.

  • It’s a very good point you make Al about building a collection. With a big enough wad of cash and an internet connection anyone can buy collectable records. This is so far removed from visiting dusty stores, yard sale etc, looking for a good score…..
    It some how makes the record even more collectable and even more ‘Valuable’ to know you had to work to find her. This is still possible on ebay but obviously everyone is in the same store pawing the same sides.
    Extra added value when you pull a record from the shelf and remember where you scored it and the story behind it. I think one throwing as much cash at a collection is a cop out. A combination of both is an enjoyable way to go, that said I have always HAD to avoid the top end prices. Thats why I’m a VG++ sort of guy and not a NM!!!
    If I had the corn maybe it would be different.
    Somehow I feel I will never know!!

  • “Groovy” is one of my fave Prestige covers-if not THE favorite-for all the reasons Michel noted.It wouldn’t work as well in color,I think. I dig the “reversed ” R in Red,which really nails the moment for me.
    Holding this cover in my hands,I’m suddenly back in the 4th grade,behind P.S. 12(Brooklyn),banging the erasers on the red brick wall with chalk dust flying all over the place-one of the fun perks of being a “board monitor”.
    I’ll never be able to afford an original,though…even if I could find one!

  • Whenever Red Garland’s name comes up, Groovy is the first record mentioned. I think it is his best. I sold a comparable copy for $400 to a dealer about six years ago. He said he had been looking for one for many years and it was for his personal collection. He also bought a NM/VG++ 1565 from me for $1500 about two years ago. This time it was for resale! He already had a buyer for it, but I can’t imagine he made much on the transaction.

  • Michel: according to Jepsen Groovy has at least two tracks with Al Heath on drums in stead of A.T. So the album is the result of more than one recording session. The liner does not make reference to this.

  • @Rudolf. Interesting. Wonder why the liner notes does not mention that.

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