First Pressing? Who Cares

MobleyHere’s a catch-up on some of the jazz vinyl auctions we’ve been watching:

Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550. This was a West 63rd Street pressing, deep grooves, but it did not have the New York 23 so, I guess, that would make it a clear second pressing, but a very early second pressing? The record was probably VG++ with some light surface noise and the cover was VG. The price was $908.

Kenny Dorham, Round ‘Bout Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia, Blue Note 1524. The consensus seems to be that this was a later pressing using old Lexington Avenue labels and an older Lexington Avenue back cover. It was listed as a first edition, however, replete with flat edge and deep grooves. The record was probably VG++ and the cover was VG. It sold for $578. It was, by the way, the same seller as the Mobley, who did all right with a couple of records that were not quite first pressings.

Jackie McLean, The New Tradition, Ad-Lib 6601. This was an original pressing in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $1,975.

A few more:

Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, Volume One, New Jazz 8260. This was an original pressing in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. I had a feeling the bidding would get heated for this one after my post and it did. The final price was $505.90.

Grant Green, Am I Blue, Blue Note 4139. This was an original New York USA pressing. The record was in M- condition and the cover was probably VG++, based on the description. The final price was $355.





  • Green, Am I Blue: the seller emphasizes on DG on side two but doesn’t show the picture.
    Fred states DG on side one only.
    Is the buyer among us to confirm DG on side two?

  • dottorjazz,
    If you use the zoom feature on the main picture of Am I Blue it clearly shows a DG on side 2 to me. The large picture of side 1 is clearly not, nor does the seller claim, DG. On a pressing from this era my personal feeling is that a DG is no guarantee of earlier pressing than non-DG, all other things being equal.

  • thanks Aaron, I had not looked at small pic.
    there are different BN with this feature, the presence of DG on one or both sides after 4058.
    I don’t think we’ll ever reach the full Truth for the very original.

  • Forgive me if this is unrelated: Can anyone comment on the rarity of double deep groove NY USA labels?

    I have run into a mixed label with one deep groove before. I found a Blue Note 1521 with NY USA labels, and both clearly deep groove, RVG and Plastylite P in the dead wax.

    I honestly thought deep groove NY USA Labels were very rare.

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