For The Price Guide: Riversides, Blue Notes

In addition to the Dinah Washington LP mentioned below, we are adding a few more records to the Jazz Collector Price Guide today. At some point, we surpassed more than 4,000 entries in the price guide. We find it quite valuable to use in buying and selling records, and also to help establish values for insurance and estate-planning purposes. We hope you all find it valuable as well. Here are a few more additions:

Kenny Drew Trio, Riverside 224. This was an original white label pressing. The record was in M- condition and the cover was VG++. The price was $898.88.

Here’s another nice Riverside: Zoot Sims, Zoot!, Riverside 228. This was also a white label pressing, in VG+ condition for both the record and cover. It sold for $158.50.

And what would the Price Guide be without Blue Notes. Here are a few new ones:

J.R. Monterose, Blue Note 1536. This one was in only VG condition for the record and cover. It sold for $305.

Donald Byrd, The Catwalk, Blue Note 4075. This one was in VG++ condition for the record and cover. It sold for $364.88.

Kenny Dorham, Whistle Stop, Blue Note 4063. This one was in beautiful M- condition an dold for $898.89.

One comment

  • You will have to add another Blue Note entry – the sweet mono, ear pressing of “Evolution” by Grachan Moncur you just sold for over $500! Never seen that one fetch such a price. Have you? Makes me feel glad I found one already. I think the word is out on your LPs – they have been graded properly.

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