From Our Readers: Blue Note and Cosmic Trane

Here are a few more listings sent to me by readers, starting with Walter Davis Jr., Davis Cup, Blue Note 4018. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing from our friends at Euclid Records. The record and cover were both listed in VG++ condition and the final price was $1,254.54. From the same seller was: Johnny Griffin, Volume 2, Blue Note 1559. This was also an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record was VG+ and the cover was only VG, yet it still sold for $1,166, which echoes the point I made the other day about condition being less relevant, as collectors seem to have evolved from wanting to listen to the record to wanting to own the record.

Another reader sent me a question about this record:

John Coltrane, Cosmic Music, Coltrane Records AU4050. The listing states that this is: “The first pressing unmixed version personally approved by Coltrane and significantly different from all subsequent pressings.” I must admit that this record comes at a time in Coltrane’s life and career where his music had gone past my ability to comprehend and/or enjoy it, so I know very little about this record. I am hoping that some of our readers — Clifford? — can offer some enlightenment. As for this particular copy of the record, it is in VG+ condition for the record and VG for the cover. The start price is $525 and so far there are no bids.




  • There are two different Coltrane Recording Corporation sleeves, both sold posthumously and predating the Impulse! version. I have the above sleeve (1st) and the sound is noticeably rawer than the Impulse, which seems rolled off or something. Haven’t heard the other violet-cover CRC pressing to compare and am not sure how close to departure this release was for Coltrane himself to approve — my impression was that it didn’t come out until late ’68, at which point the master himself was gone.

    Funny, it’s not an uncommon record so despite $525 seeming fair for a private Coltrane LP, I’ve seen it for much less many times.

  • Gregory The Fish

    i of course have the impulse release, and thats fine with me.

  • It’s so very true that a new school of buyer seems to have emerged on the field; the person who is not at all interested in even playing the music but simply wants to own a copy, condition be damned. I do not understand a person like this and certainly wouldn’t call them a jazz lover. The other trend that really bugs me is that after a seller somehow miraculously gets a hold of a prestigious collection and has sold it off he has then acquired some undefinable status which allows him to get extra-ridiculous prices for his records going forward. This freezes a lot of us “usual folks” out of the market and it is so frustrating that it is not even worth looking at the seller’s listings anymore. It gets to the point of lunacy as this demonstrates: a certain seller who shall remain nameless (no, not Djukic) recently sold off a collection from a highly regarded major collector in the field and after that he must have established for himself some iconic reputation because since that time all of his records have gone for absurd prices. Case in point: an OJC(!!!) record sold this morning for $33. He is able to sell off New Jazz purple label originals now that are being described as warped for 100’s of dollars. It is practically obscene how either stupid or simply greedy buyers have been able to drive this market. I’m just dumbfounded.

  • Hey Brian your preaching to the choir! I’ve been sayin’ this for years. I have responeded to many jazzcollector comments with this very argument. Keep your ears open and your fingers digging ! Our job in jazzville is to listen,marvel, and above all appreciate. Jazz records are made to bring enlightenment through sound. Enjoy always! Yours truly , pop ,click and hiss.

  • I thought purple was first. At least, there seem to be fewer of them. There are two or three label variations, purple and silver “art” labels and a solid purple label. I’m not sure if there is a solid silver label. I’m not sure which is first, but I believe it is one of the “art” labels.

  • whats the deal with “cosmic music” was it put out by alice coltrane

  • Yeah, it was put out by Alice. Seems there are conflicting reports about which came first, but I suppose the one to have is the one that sounds best! Mine has art labels fwiw.

  • both CRC AU 4950 and CRS 5000 are stereo.
    4950 has art violet labels and silver cover
    5000 has solid pink/purple labels and violet cover
    I’ve never seen 5000 with art violet labels

  • Gregory the Fish


    i try not to give in to the urge to grumble like this, but i am with you. i see OJC pressings getting bids over $15 a lot from very well-known sellers, and I just do NOT got that. although, i suppose if people like what they get, there’s not much to be said. but again, i sure don’t get it.

  • Clifford Allen

    who is the seller who cannot be named? funkyou?

  • Brian/ GtF In some cases, the OJC were the last authorized reissues of certain LPs, and the OJC pressing runs must have been significantly smaller than many original releases. I am surprised they don’t go for more – especially in the case of items like the Curtis Fuller New Trombone

  • Im guessing funkyousounds

  • I bought my copy sealed when it came out at Jazz Record Mart in Chicago, 67-68?, I peeled off the orange sticker that was on the wrap which listed the tunes and stuck it on the cover. My label has Deer Park, NY address and a silver/grey label which sort of matches the cover.
    The music still amazes me

  • Isn’t the purple label laminated and the black cover is not?

  • Brian Anderson

    Hey Jay Fulmer if Gt/F is a clever way to disguise telling me to go fornicate with myself I think you are being excessively rude and such a reaction is totally uncalled for. FYI the OJC catalogue is NOT collectible and certainly not worth prices in the $30’s range. I don’t wish to start a big back and forth email war but I don’t think you have correct info. It’s a reissue, it’s flex vinyl, it doesn’t really matter how many of them were pressed. I’m surprised anyone can get more than $20 for any of them

  • Brian, I was addressing you and Gregory the Fish (GtF) concerning your OJC comments, certainly not insulting or being crude – my apologies if you interpreted the abbreviation any other way

  • Certain ojc are collectible with audiophiles. I know the early pressing of sax colossus is.

  • Clifford Allen

    Jay: LOL at the abbreviation ! I never thought of it as anything other than Gregory The Fish…. haha!

    yeah, people do pay high prices for OJCs. It happens. It’s not how I would spend my cash, but…

  • Brian – From what I’ve been told, the reason some OJC’s seem rather pricey is that when they first started up production in the early 80’s they were using the older analog masters. In the late 80’s, early 90’s, they used the cd digital master tapes with compression to cut new vinyl stampers therefor the new lps were no longer true analog.

  • Cosmic Music: The cover illustrated here is indeed the original. The first labels are lavender, with the same pattern as the cover.

    Personally, I’m happy to see reissues and VG+ records going for high prices. I don’t think the concept of greed has any place in a forum about record collecting.

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