Heading For The $1,000 Bin?

cliffWe’re now watching some jazz vinyl from the current Jazz Record Center auction, which closes tomorrow. Here’s some of the records on our watch list, starting with: Cliff Jordan and John Gilmore, Blowing in From Chicago, Blue Note 1549. This is an early deep-groove pressing with the West 63rd label on one side and the New York 23 label on the other. The record looks to be in beautiful M- condition, and the cover looks equally nice. The current price is $260. I would expect this to sell for a lot more. If it doesn’t, perhaps I will be in the mix.

Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This is an original New York yellow-label pressing. The record and cover both seem to be in at least VG++ condition, based on the descriptions. The price is currently in the $700 range.

Miles Davis, Volume 1, Blue Note 1501. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing in what looks to be in near-pristine condition, M- for both the record and the cover. The bidding is at around $200. We’ve seen this record sell for as much as $1,007 in the Jazz Collector Price Guide. Will this one match that? We’ll find out tomorrow.





  • I am somewhat usually surprised by the high prices the early Lex BNs that are compilations from 10 inchers previously released get in the market. The Miles Davis, Fats Navarro, Bud Powell and Monk come immediately to mind.

    Any theories? Are people 10 inch adverse?

  • Blue Notes are nice, but that New Jazz Orchestra on UK Verve that Fred’s selling is what really gets under my skin… rare and amazing LP!

  • DaveS: I think the 10″ format just does not appeal anymore. So, for the amateurs, some goodies can be had at affordable prices.

  • The 10″ format is the coolest format there is, in my humble opinion. Among all the cool rarities that I own, the 10″ PJLP no.1 is by far the coolest one I have. I just love the format. It just feels genuine.

  • My biggest issue with the 10″ format is that the sound quality and vinyl always sounds rough(er). May not be with the Mint stuff you big dogs buy, but certainly at my VG+ wallet level.

  • That Blowing in from Chicago ended up cheap. So did the NJO (a rare JRC win for me).

  • Shocker on the low Blowing in from Chicago price, especially when compared to the Saxophone Collosus going at nearly $1000. I have 2 copies of the Sax Coll. albeit not nearly as nice. I have never even seen a copy of Blowing in From Chicago in person.

  • Blowing in from Chicago didn’t get the expected big price is perhaps that it’s not a true first press? The first press has the New York 23 label on both sides. As is the back of the jacket address.

  • Good point Ng. I thought someone already confirmed it was first press hence my comment. Still surprised on the S.C.

  • Here’s a possible theory on the Cliff Jordan. Note that the seller doesn’t accept PayPal. Could that possibly knock out a huge portion of bidders? And even for those willing to hand out their credit card number, without PayPal you lose some of the safety nets should something go wrong.

    That reminds me – what happened with our friend on here a few weeks ago who was getting the runaround on that Mobley that was sold to him and then relisted?

  • Japhy: JRC always gets top prices, without accepting Paypal since a couple of years. Atomic does not accept PP either.
    A safety net is important, all dépends on the quality of the seller.

  • Atomic now accepts Paypal.

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