Hot Records, High Prices

Back home after a weekend away. Let’s see what happened on eBay the past few days.

 The seller JBLD44000 out of Seattle, who has been selling some nice records the past few weeks, had a bunch of items up this weekend, with mixed results. A few of the records sold for high prices, including:

Hank Mobley, Soul Station, Blue Note 4031, for $1,337.28

Kenny Drew, Walkin’ and Talkin’, Jazz West 4, for $532

This dealer also had several high-ticket items that didn’t get bids at all. Based on our previous experience watching his auctions, we anticipate that these records will be back on eBay in the near future with somewhat lower start prices and, perhaps, Buy-It-Now prices. Among those records are:

Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message, Prestige 7061. Zeros bids with a start price of $550.

John Coltrane, Tenor Conclave, Prestige 7074. Zero bids with a start price of $450.

Cecil Payne and Phil Woods, The Music of Charlie Parker, Signal 1204. Zero bids with a start price of $425.

In addition to these, there were several others. If you’re interested in any of these items, you should keep an eye on JBLD44000. We’ll do the same and keep you informed.

 Another seller who often seems to have great records is Jazz5060. Among the items he sold this weekend were:

 Blue Mitchell, Out of the Blue, Riverside 1131, for a price of $218.50.

Cecil Payne, Patterns in Jazz, Savoy 12147, for a price of $262

Teddy Edwards, Sunset Eyes, Pacific Jazz 14, for a price of $198.50


Finally, here are a few other items of interest:

 John Coltrane, Blue Train, Blue Note 1577. Price: $487

Charlie Parker, Dial 203, 10-inch LP. Price: $169. The vinyl was in only VG condition, but we still thought this might command a higher price based on the condition of the cover.

Zoot Sims, Zoot at Ronnie Scotts, Fontana 588. This was a stereo pressing that sold for $208.06.

Tal Farlow, The Artistry of Tal Farlow, Norgran $232.50. Price: $232.50. We’ve seen this record before but usually with wear on the cover. This copy looked pristine and the price reflected that.


That’s it for today. Now that we’re caught up on what happened the past few days on eBay, we’ll look ahead and see what’s coming up the next few days. Look for our report on tomorrow. See you then. — al

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