“Wow” Just about sums it Up

3 Sounds Vinyl copySorry for the lack of posts. My computer crashed last week. I was working in the country and it was a beautiful day and I had the windows open. Then I stopped working, did a few other chores and a thunderstorm came passing through. I hadn’t closed the windows in my office. Everything got soaked, including the computer. Yada, yada, yada, I now have a new computer. And when I finally logged back on, I was greeted by this quite amazing note from our friend CeeDee, with the subject line: “r u kiddin’ me?” Among other comments, was a listing with the statement: “‘Wow’ just about sums it up.” The listing in question? Blue Note Presents The 3 Sounds, Blue Note 1600. This was an original West 63rd pressing with the deep grooves, RVG, ear. It was in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The price? Pardon me while I take a deep pause . . . .

The price, I kid you not, was $1,623. I checked in the Jazz Collector Price Guide. I had never even followed this record before. The bidding went from $157 to $1,598 to $1,623 in the final seconds. I figured the $1,598 may have been a mistake, someone just trying to top the $157. But the $1,623 had to be real. This is not Coltrane, Mobley, Morgan, Miles or Monk. This is The 3 Sounds. I hope whoever purchased this record, really, really, really enjoys it.

Ceedee mentioned that the seller in question probably made enough with all of his listings to buy a used Porsche, which I considered to be somewhat hyperbolic until I actually took the time to review some of the other items and realized that CeeDee was actually understating it: Seems he made enough to buy a NEW Porsche. Here’s a sampling:

Hank Mobley Quartet, Blue Note 5066. This was an original 10-inch pressing that looked to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The final price was $1,547.

Lawrence Marable Quartet, Tenorman, Jazz West 8. This was an original pressing that looked to be in M- condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. This one sold for $2,280.55.

Curtis Fuller, Bone & Bari, Blue Note 1572. This was an original pressing that looked to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The final price was $2,550.

I could go on and on and on. Check it out for yourself, I provided a link up above.






  • That 3 Sounds price is crazy. Nothing else looked out of wack on their other sales. Strange indeed. I did notice however that Adderley’s Somethin’ Else has been sold three times. So either they keep uncovering NM copies or something else is going on. I bid on the Max Roach but didn’t win, I did however win a nice Townes Van Zandt album. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

  • Gregory The Fish

    good lord.

  • I bid on — and won! — the Money Jungle. More than I wanted to spend, but I’ve wanted a copy forever and this one looked to be in very nice shape. Nothing looked out of the ordinary to me for their other items, but I must have missed that 3 Sounds because that is nutso.

  • It looks like there were two different copies of Somethin’ Else he sold with the second one up for auction twice. Who knows, could have been a deadbeat bidder the first time around.

  • Is that sale of 1568 for real?!?

  • @Aaron. True. Those prices aren’t too bad either.

  • Well, on a strict investment point of view, peopple who paid around 2500 / 3000 for a NM 1568 some years ago were right.

    What amazes me on this one, is that it is not the most coveted NY23 (although it is inappropriate to call this famous NY 23 “first press”), and moreover it is not the best copy ever seen : damaged corners, used seams etc…Now the pictures are fine and that shiny lamination does the job…

  • Good god, the listings from that seller is like all of our want lists! Everything was in that auction!

  • The 1568 silly-price could be a “one-off”. I’m not certain that the market price has doubled in coming auctions. We will certainly see when another copy hits the market. It won’t take long for sure 😉

  • Hi Al and all:

    So I remember chiming in here on this terrific blog just 14 months ago, and how many people raised their eyebrows when I admitted to being the buyer/having paid $5,200 on eBay for a Mobley 1568 NY23 ‘true first pressing’ at that time that turned out (on the whole) to be more or less a solid EX once I got it home and cleaned up.

    If this new ebay sale at $11,000+ for a non-NY23 1568 Mobley is real (and this seller does sorta give me pause for concern), than I can only say to my critics at 14 months ago – “:-)”

    Here’s the old thread – http://jazzcollector.com/blue-note/breaking-the-bank/


  • Caroline, yes. Yours is far better than the 11000 + by the way.

    Critics ? I wouldn’t say that. 😉

  • Gregory The Fish

    caroline: we never criticized, just jealously bemoaned that we couldn’t afford such a nice record! hope you’re enjoying it!

  • @Michel @Gregory The Fish : In the past year, I have enjoyed my 1568 copy (on a judicious basis) and am quite pleased as to the the quality of this specific recording. It’s still not my favorite Mobley set (by far – I much prefer BLP 4031 “Soul Station”) but being a collector completist, I *needed* a EX quality NY23 first press for my BLP 1500 series run… Caroline

  • Re: “…the seller in question probably made enough with all of his listings to buy a used / new Porsche”

    Pre-Ebay / Paypal Fees = New Porsche

    Post-Ebay / Paypal Fees = Used Yugo !!!

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