Jazz Vinyl For The New Year

wes copyWhen last I left you, these were some of the jazz records I was watching on eBay:

Wes Montgomery, Full House, Riverside 434. This was a mono pressing with the white labels, which I assume is a promo pressing. There don’t seem to be deep grooves, but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with whether this is a first pressing. The record was in VG++ condition and the cover was VG+, with some wear on the cover. It sold for $310.

Curtis Fuller, Bone and Bari, Blue Note 1572. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing with the deep grooves. It was listed in M- condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. The bidding reached $855, but it did not surpass the reserve price set by our friend Serge.

These two also did not sell, but they have since been re-listed at the same price, and are still not getting any action:

J.J. Johnson, Volume One, Blue Note 1505 and J.J. Johnson Volume Two, Blue Note 1506. Both of these look to be original Lexington Avenue pressings in about VG++ condition for both the records and the covers. The start price is and has been about $250, but so far there hasn’t been any interest.

Here’s one that actually sold: Jackie McLean, A Fickle Sonance, Blue Note 4089. This was an original New York USA mono pressing listed in Ex condition for the record and the cover, which the seller kindly translated to VG++.  The record sold for $256.


  • I really dont think the Deep Groove mean a whole lot with Riverside pressings but Im no expert

  • i think the market for JJ is rather saturated. i have a hefty number of his albums on columbia 6-eye, the couple impulse, the occasional RCA, etc, and a bunch with kai winding too. jazz trombone isn’t as popular, and JJ has LOTS of great material that doesn’t come with the price tag of a lexington.

    that being said, i wouldn’t mind owning them…

  • Happy New Year Al ! (…and to all the rest of you out there in the Jazz Collective !)

    The question this morning is which LP gets first spin of the new year, and which will be the first to break into the $1000 bin ! Think I will put on some Miles, although Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” seems perfectly appropriate… This could take awhile !


  • …As for the first LP of the new year to break into the $1000 bin, my money is on Sonny !

  • My friend Charles always says “jazz records are an autumn sport.” He believes, however anecdotally, that jazz records have the highest prices overall from about September to mid December. For the super rare I doubt that there is any time off. But for the more moderately priced records this seems to be true. Anyone out there ever look into seasonal variation of prices?

    Happy New Year.

  • The seller of the two JJs couldn’t confirm if the two LPs have a flat edge. If so I would have considered them both at 250 apiece.

  • I just noticed that Fredrik’s FW Rare Jazz website and You Tube channel (which I enjoyed) have vanished.
    Anyone know what happened?

  • John: I just didn’t get enough comments and subscribtions for the YouTube channel. There seemed to be not enough interest. Not enough people commenting and joining in on the discussions. I had, in those months I was on there, over 1400 page views but only 27 subscribors. That tells me that it wasn’t that much interest. As for the site, well, it was on Tumblr, where you can’t leave comments which is not that fun either.

  • …but I’m back soon with another site on the same address. Very soon…

  • I’ve never noticed seasonal variations in the buying/selling/pricing/value of jazz records. I’ve looked back at various times to see if I could spot trends, nothing scientific of course, but it all seemed to be completely random. I had thought at times that things would slow down in the summer, but then I would look and the prices would shoot way up.

  • …Didn’t realize that Soul Station was worth that much now !!! Nice one Mike.

  • Hey Frederik
    I loved your you tube films. a lot of people watch, enjoy and appreciate but don’t have something they feel they need to add. Don’t get discouraged – you have more fans than you know and most sites have to be going for ages before they start to get regular comments. Post the url when the new site is up and keep the videos coming.

  • John: http://www.fwrarejazzvinylcollector.com the same address as before. Now you can comment as well 🙂 I can put up videos as well there. Not much there yet, but I will start putting up stuff right now. Enjoy!

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