Jazz Vinyl Record Price? Hank Mobley Blue Note Sells For More Than $11,000 on Ebay

Mobley copyI feel like Rip Van Winkle. My computer goes down for four days, I come back to eBay and the world has changed. First there was the $1,600 record from The 3 Sounds and then, of course, was this: Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568. I know you’re all writing about this on the earlier post, but I have to have this in a headline and in a separate post so that it will live on for posterity, as well as Google searches. This is a big event in the Jazz Collector world, seeing this record — or any jazz record — selling for the whopping price of $11,191.63. Now, admittedly, we haven’t been keeping up with the Jazz Collector Price Guide, but that price is just about DOUBLE the previous highest price we’ve recorded for any other record, ever.

And, as many of you have pointed out, there is debate in the community about whether this is, indeed, an original first pressing, since it does not have the New York 23 on one side. Regardless, the price tag is absolutely incredible. Coupled with some of the other prices we’ve seen on Blue Notes lately, you have to say that something transformational may be happening in the market. We’ll keep watching, as usual, and we’ll definitely need to spend some more time updating the Price Guide, since we may have entered a brave new world. Do we now have to create a $10,000 bin?


  • The price of the 1568 is insane. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It’s not worth over 11k that’s for sure. Especially not without a NY23 label. But even if it had it, it’s not worth more than 5k, for me. Very, very strange price. It’s almost comical to be honest.

  • If it is real, which it most probably is, would anyone really buy a record for that much corn effectively blind?
    I mean we have all gambled on the condition with gradings on FleaBay but can you imagine if it
    plays not as expected!
    My £20 Japanese Reissue will have to do,..Forever!

    It amuses me that such a rare record crops up repeatedly for auction, does anyone else question the amount of ‘original’ 1568s out there?

  • also Al, it’s nearer 11K than 12K !
    (as if it wasn’t enough!)

  • Thank you, Adamski. Just fixed the headline. Got too excited, I guess, perhaps like the bidders on this record. Has anyone seen a higher price for a jazz record?

  • The 1568 is not (so) rare. Blue Note market is not driven by rarity, it is driven by demand. Blue Note records are the equivalent of pre CBS Fender guitars : tons of product available, but high demand, then high prices.

  • terryfromflorida

    Even BobDJukic will be scratching his head at that one…

  • Two low feedback bidders does not a sale make. Still, completely nuts…

  • Instead of the $10,000 bin, I think we should we call it the “grounds for divorce” bin on the buy-side.

  • Well, let’s see if the winning bidder pays up … at that price, buyer’s remorse may indeed set in … as it did the last time this exact copy went up on eBay early this year.

  • I actually watched this auction close in real time … incredible. Maybe the buyer didn’t realize that the price was in GBP?? 🙂

  • Clifford Allen

    I’ve done that before but it was the difference between $40 and 40GBP. Not a big deal ultimately.

  • Unless this 1568 shows up again we will never know if the sale is for real. Granted, the bidders have low feedback but are high frequent bidders +30 bids per month. Sounds professional to me. Maybe this is an instance where two commission bidders have “cart blanche” from their buyers?

    Well well personally I think it is getting out of hand and I hate to see higher seller expectations make dollar signs in their eyes. I’m certainly not a part of this market segment which is getting away fast.

    I don’t care if my already purchased gems are getting worth more I would much prefer the market to be more moderate…

  • Shaft — are there actually commission bidders on eBay? Why not just use snipe software such as Bid Nip?

  • I feel like some of the overseas buyers use others to buy for them.

    I am skeptical that this sale is legit though.

  • Mike — Me too. See the latest post.

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  • Clifford Allen

    Mike – yeah, some Japanese buyers used to do that, probably still do. I remember a guy under the name “ondemand12” who I believe did commission eBaying.

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  • If you look at the feedback already given to this seller, you’ll note that the same buyer won #1572, 1544, 1567, 1524, 1542, 1576, 1600, 1598 totaling north of $14,000. Someone is either out there with deep pockets and willing to take a chance on a low feedback seller, or…

  • Chris – I’m beginning to think that the “or” scenario makes more sense, especially with this one buyer picking up 1600 at a price more than 10x the going market rate for a mint copy. I mean we are talking about the 3 Sounds here, not Jutta Hipp and Zoot Sims. Something is definitely odd about it all.

  • @Chris: I think you’re confused, no? The buyer of those eight LP for $13,000 you name came from a completely different seller, didn’t it? It was not the same seller as this one who sold the $11,000+ Mobley. As to the 1600 sale, just as an afterthought, I have not seen a NM copy true first mono of that specific LP on eBay in over two years – unless I missed something?… Caroline

  • Caroline – you’re right, I guess I was making reference to the seller of the 3 Sounds record, which maybe should have been put in the previous post. I don’t track copies of 1600, but its still surprising that the value of the record could surge as much as it did in this particular auction. I haven’t seen NM copies sell, but I know I paid $8 for a VG+ copy last year, and I don’t consider that a huge windfall.

  • @Chris: You lucky man! Where did you find an original true first mono 1600 for $8?!? 🙂 C

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