E-Baying With Knepper, Evans and Blue Notes

I have quite a long watch list on eBay right now, so let’s get right to it. This is a record I’ve never seen before and, frankly, wasn’t even aware existed: A Swinging Introduction to Jimmy Knepper, Bethlehem 77. This is an original pressing with the red label and deep groove. I took a quick look at the personnel and was surprised to see the pianist listed as one “B. Evans.” I would have thought that the presence of Mr. Evans would have brought this record to my attention before. Perhaps it has and I just forgot about it. It wouldn’t be the first time. In any case, it’s got a great cover, it’s got Bill Evans on piano and it’s an original  pressing from 1957. Also, it’s in M- condition. I would think there’d be a strong collectible market for this. We’ll see. So far there are no bids at $135, but there are still three days left to go before the auction closes.

Here are a few Blue Notes on our radar:

Curtis Fuller Volume 3, Blue Note 1583. This is an original deep groove West 63rd pressing in what looks to be VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. This one has Sonny Clark on piano, along with Art Farmer on trumpet. The bidding is in the $340 range with about a day and a half left on the auction.

Bennie Green, Back on the Scene, Blue Note 1587. This is an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. There are two and a half days left on the auction, the bidding is in the $225 range and it has yet to meet the seller’s reserve price.

Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1590. This is an original pressing in what is described as  M- condition for both the record and the cover. Seems like the record condition should be downgraded if you read the description. Bidding is flow so far for this record. It is in the $150 range with more than four days left. I’m sure this one will end up in the $1,000 bin, and perhaps the $2,000 bin.





  • I think it would be interesting to focus more frequently on all those “neither Blue Note nor Prestige” records. Many of them are of great interest, and you can still find some forgotten gems. This Jimmy Knepper is one of them. Lou Levy’s “Jazz in four Colors”, listen by the same seller, is certainly another record that deserves much more attention than it isually does.

  • I was listening to Grand Stan by Stan Levey the other day. What a terrific record, and great playing by Dexter Gordon.

  • Agreed. While it’s interesting to track the Blue Notes because they lead the market, there are so many other interesting records. Anything of interest to Al is probably worth a look.

  • Again, forgotten gems: the swedish Metronome EP’s with Freddie Redd, Rolf Ericson, Tommy Flanagan, Tommy Potter, Duke Jordan, Cecil Payne, Stan Getz, Lars Gullin. Check them out. They are fantastic. It seems not so many collectors know about them. Except the Japanese and us Swedes..? I’ve started collecting them a while ago.

  • Al, as far as I remember correctly, Richie Kamuca is the Saxophonist, playing on “Grand Stan” or am I wrong?

  • Katharsis: without actually checking, I think you are right regarding Kamuca.

  • Yes, got my titles wrong. The record I actually listened to was the one with Dexter on it: This Time the Drum’s on Me. Great record.

  • I have an old Japanese red vinyl pressing of the Jimmy Knepper lp. It’s on Angel records. I paid $8 for it. I did not know that Bill Evans is on it. All the liner notes are in Japanese. thanks!

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