Mint Rarities Sitting in Storage

sonny-red-jazz-vinylBack to eBay. Here’s a beauty, which, if I recall my eBay sellers properly, is from our friend Rudolf: Sonny Red, Out of the Blue, Blue Note 4032. This is an original pressing that looks to be in pristine condition. The bidding is in the $160 range with more than two days to go, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see this eventually end up at or near the $1,000 marker. I’m noticing that this is part of a “rare storage find,” so that in itself is quite intriguing. Perhaps Rudolf can shed some light for us. I would love a copy of Out of the Blue, especially since I once had a beautiful copy and traded it not realizing, at the time, how valuable it was and how valuable it would eventually become. I’ll point out one more beauty from the list: Art Blakey, Buhaina’s Delight, Blue Note 4104. This is also an original and it also looks to be in pristine condition. The bidding right now is in the $50 range, but it should sell for a lot more. I would love a pristine copy of this record, since it is one of my favorite Blue Notes of all time. Perhaps I will get in on the action, although I really haven’t been buying at all, and especially not at eBay prices.

Here’s one that is new to me: Joe Harriot Quintet, Swings High, Melodisc Records SLP12 150. This looks to be an original pressing listed in excellent condition for the record and the cover. The auction closes today, the start price is around $200 and so far there are no bidders. I did a quick search on this record and it typically sells for less than $100, although there are several instances of more than $100. Any Harriot fans out there. I had the Jazzland LP at one point, but I don’t recall even listening to it.



  • good god that sonny red cover looks better than some brand new records i see. what a beauty!

  • ‘Swings High’ is a really good later period Joe Harriott session, quite rare on the original Melodisc. Recorded apparently in a less than salubrious studio somewhere in the old East End of London. Very much a bebop and nostalgic feel to this one, unlike say the much more exotic ‘Hum Dono’ on UK Columbia. Also a bit of a rare showcase for UK trumpeter Stu Hamer, who plays really well on the session.

  • Yeah, I’m a fan of Swings High. The Jazzland records (there are two) are both excellent as well. I’m less into the Indo-Jazz sides on Atlantic, though Hum Dono is a hell of an LP.

  • Just did a double-take at that Sonny Red…damn…that jacket and those labels are incredibly perfect and clean…that one might sell for an all-time high.

  • Gee! I only now saw I made it to the front page of Jazz Collector.
    When one buys records in huge quantities with a demanding job, with a lot of travelling overseas, and a family, some records just remain unplayed. A stint of 18 years in Africa, leaving all my belongings in safe European storage, did not help either.

  • rudolf, you have led a fascinating life! i don’t know if i could bare to leave my records for 18 years!

  • I think you need money to make money! When you are financially able to buy large collections then that makes collecting that much easier! You make money on the stuff you don’t need to fund future collection purchases. I had to pass on a few collections over the years simply because I didn’t have the money to buy them…

  • $1800 on the Sonny Red…obliterated the old popsike high of $1k.

  • Destination of the records: one to China, one to Japan. One to Canada, the rest to the U.S
    Early bidding from Europe, intermediate from Japan, Singapour, Russia, Korea and the US. A shift back to the US after a long Japanese domination in the top league?

  • that Red may not be getting paid for, considering the low feedback of the top two bidders.

  • For the Red I received the funds.

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