More Blue Note: Another Exception

The Blue Note information provided by Larry Cohn has been invaluable and yet, it seems, there is always more to learn. We noticed this tidbit in a posting by Fred Cohen at the Jazz Record Center, which has a new auction on eBay this week: Wayne Shorter, Adams Apple, Blue Note 8232. This is listed as an original mono pressing with the Liberty label. Under normal circumstances you would expect this to be a New York USA label, based on the catalogue number. However, Fred points out

that this LP was issued late and there are no pressings with the New York address. So it is one more exception to the rule. If you click on this item, you should also look at the other items on eBay this week from Jazz Record Center. They always post interesting items and they are also a good gauge of the overall market.


  • Speaking of exceptions, does the Jack Wilson record, Something Personal, BN 4251, come pressed with the New York address or only the Liberty label?

  • Happy New Year everyone.

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen 4243 Lee Morgan Delightfulee or 4244 Bobby Hutcherson Stick Up with NY labels either.

    Although left-over NY labels were used up to 4252, let’s not forget, whether NY or Liberty labels, all these titles are Liberty pressings, the final pre-Liberty/plastylite/ear pressing being 4226 Don Cherry Complete Communion.

  • Wonderful stuff you’ve got here. I’m relatively new to your site and I am glad I found it!!!

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