More Blue Notes For The $1,000 Bin

Good that we mentioned those Blue Note tips yesterday: There are a few more original pressings that shall be entering and re-entering the $1,000 bin. Here  they are:

Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan, Peckin’ Time, Blue Note 1574. This is an original pressing and the vinyl is in M- condition. The cover is at least VG++. The price is already around $1,600 with many more hours left before it closes today, so we may be seeing an addition to the $2,000 bin.

Also, Tina Brooks, True Blue, Blue Note 4041. This is an original pressing. Again, the vinyl is listed in M- condition and the cover is VG+. This one has more than a day to go before it closes and

the price already at $1,275. We”ve seen True Blue sell for more than $2,000 in the past, according to what we’ve posted in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, so don’t be surprised if this one also enters that rarified air.


  • Any educated guesses on how many True Blue’s there are out there?

  • I’m curious about scarcity too. I mean, it seems that JC has logged a half dozen of so True Blues in the last year – all VG or better. Which makes me wonder how many are in worse condition, and how many are not being sold, and how many are buried in collections – like those I get word of here – that exceed the memory of their owners.

    Is ebay distorting things – making the world so small that the ratio of existing copies to ones that turn up is very high?

    Ultimately rarity is not the issue though is it? I have some private press novelties that surely didn’t print more than 500 copies. And of course they’re worthless, because nobody wants a family of gospel singers from South Western Ontario, or a high school band doing Simon and Garfunkel covers.

    What I find staggering is that when these 4041’s come up each one sells for $1000+, even $1500+… who are these people? Who has that kind of money to spend on a single record?

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