New JRC Auction: Nice 10-Inch Blue Notes

Jazz Record Center sent us an email with a new auction on eBay. It’s always interesting to watch their auctions, since they tend to get top dollar because of their strong and well-deserved reputation. One thing I’m noticing with this auction is that some of the starting prices seem a bit lower than usual. Here’s an example: Gigi Gryce and Clifford Brown Sextet, Blue Note 5048. This is an original 10-inch pressing that looks to be in either near mint or VG++ condition. The start price is $100. My sense is, a couple of years ago, JRC would have started this more in the range of $250. I personally think a relatively lower start price is a better way to go for most records, since it gets more bidders involved in the process. In the end, I’ll bet this record sells for at least $300-$400, if not higher. There are some other nice records on this list as well, including Clifford Brown Quartet, Blue Note 5047. I’ve rarely seen that one either on eBay or live and up close. The price on that is also at $100 and we’ll expect it to fetch quite a bit more.


  • It will be interesting to follow Fred’s auction for the Brown/Gryce Paris sessions. In fact BLP 5047 and 5048 are US re-issues of the original French Vogue LP’s. For auction is also a French original 10″ issued under the name of Gigi. Will the Blue Notes fetch more than the French original???

  • In my opinion, yes, the Blue Notes will fetch more. When a Blue Note is concerned, that seems to be the key point from the collector’s viewpoint. I also love those Blue Note covers, to be honest about it, and would rather have the Blue Notes than the Vogue originals, so perhaps I’m just projecting my own feelings on the general population of Jazz Collectors out there. We’ll see. I’ll make sure I put all of these records on my watch list.

  • As a fine connoisseur of the market, you will be probably right. In terms of cover artistry, 5048 is an absolute highlight.
    For me also, it is the first time I see the US quartet cover (5047). I have the French original “Jazztime Paris vol.13”, the cover of which has a faint resemblance to Jon Eardley’s septet album cover on Prestige 7033, by Mellé, also blue, with a rare picture of a muted Brownie by a certain Al Ferrerri.

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