Not So Quiet Kenny, And More

One of our readers sent me the following link: Kenny Dorham, Quiet Kenny, New Jazz 8225. This was an original purple label deep groove pressing. The record and cover were listed in M- condition and the seller used the word “pristine” in his description. The final price was $3,617. According to Popsike, that is a new high water mark for Quiet Kenny. The reader added this note: “Of course, this LP is superb music-wise and very rare, so in today’s market maybe the price is justified?” My answer, I guess, is yes, it is justified in today’s market. And, I have to say, every time I think the market has peaked, I am always proven wrong. So, who’s not to say that someday down the road, we’ll be talking about this purchase as a bargain?

This one also fetched quite a price:

Kenny Dorham, Afro-Cuban, Blue Note 1535. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing that was probably in VG++ condition for the record and VG++ or VG+ for the cover, depending how you feel about some wear on the bottom of the back cover. The final price was $2,272.74.

I also had my eye on this one: Lou Donaldson, New Faces, New Sounds, Blue Note 5021. This was an original 10-inch pressing listed in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. The final price was $316, which was quite a bit less than I expected. If I had seen it in a store at that price would I have purchased it? I certainly would have been tempted, particularly since this is a record I once owned and sold so it is a proverbial gap in my collection.

Another reader sent me a link to the web site of an artist who makes paintings/collages out of record covers. I normally try to avoid overt promotions and I’m not promoting this in any way, but I thought the stuff was pretty good. You can check it out here and let us know what you think.


  • The cover of that Dorham isn’t even that bright. Not sure why it commanded such a high price, though the music is extraordinary.

  • Looks like that copy of Kenny Dorham, Afro-Cuban sold back in October for over $4K, not so happy first buyer?

  • This is off-topic but I felt regular readers of this blog would be interested in what I have to share. Over the past weekend, I was in Indianapolis to attend an annual record bash and board meeting for IAJRC–International Association of Jazz Record Collectors of which, after 10 years, I am now past president. I encountered a long-time collector friend and asked him about certain high-priced LPs he has in his collection. In particular, I wanted to ask him about his of Jackie McLean Ad Lib album. He said he had bought it new many years ago. The price? 99 cents!

  • Geoffrey, it’s not impossible to find a “steal” like that. A few years ago, I found a promo copy of Marty Paich’s “I get a boot out of you” for $3.50 (the album jacket was barely VG, but the vinyl was VG++) in Stockton, California. I’m waiting for the day I run into Lorraine Geller’s Dot record in the bargain bin because someone doesn’t know what they have.

  • The IAJRC still exists?!!?! I used to belong in the ‘80’s. I bought the Mobley Blue Note ten inch and about five other 10” blue notes for a dollar each back in the late ‘60’s. Was offered thirty dollars for them all a bit later and took it. Ahh, to be young and foolish

  • Yes, the IAJRC still exists, although its LP and CD program was discontinued after releasing more than 50 LPs and 21 CDs reissuing rare 78s and original club and concert recordings available nowhere else. And yes, any jazz record collector may luck out with finding a real rarity at a ridiculously low price or even for FREE.

  • I bought new copies of “Karyobin” SME,Tony Oxley’s” Baptised Traveller” and”Ichnos”and many other deletions in Woolworth’s sales in 1972, after the abolition of retail price maintenance in1972,for 25p each!
    Most of the Fontana series,with the lovely Marte Roling sleeves, were available at the same time in W. H. Smith’s for slightly more,50p I think.
    They were the days!

  • None of my few ‘steals’ compare to these stories, but I did once buy a copy of Prestige 7075 (Monk & Rollins), NYC, DG, flat-edge, RVG, the works. Utterly mint condition. It cost just $50 at a local bookstore that had bought some LPs and didn’t know their real value. JRC sold one a few weeks back for over $1000. That is my one and only big time steal.

  • Ah, Karyobin! Still elusive…

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