On eBay: Mobley, Some 10-Inchers, Hawk & Dex

Some nice items on eBay this week. Here’s one that’s about to enter the $1,000 bin: Hank Mobley, Peckin’ Time, Blue Note 1574. This is an original pressing with the West 63rd Street address. The vinyl is listed in M- condition and the cover is a combination of VG++ and M-, which means its pretty nice either way. it is closing soon, there are already 15 bids and the price is already more than $1,000.

Also ending today is some nice 10-inch jazz vinyl from our friends at Euclid Records. Here’s one: Dexter Gordon Quintet, Dial 204. This one is listed as M- for the vinyl and VG+ for the cover. The price is only $67. Perhaps we may throw in a bid on this one, since this is a record we don’t have and would certainly like to have, even in the face of our Jazz Vinyl Countdown.

Another major seller with some major items this week is the seller jazzrecordrevival. Here are a couple they have up:

Coleman Hawkins, Hawk Flies High, Riverside 233. This is an original white-label pressing that looks to be in M- condition for the vinyl and VG++ for the cover. You don’t often see records by Hawkins commanding high collectible prices, but this one is doing quite well. It is at $115 with more than a day to go. From the same seller is this: Dexter Gordon, Our Man in Paris, Blue Note 4146. This is an original pressing. The vinyl looks to be VG+ and the cover VG++. The current price is about $85. If I were pressed to name my favorite Dexter Blue Note, this would be the one. Bud Powell is in great form on this record, and Dexter seems to be especially inspired.


  • Prices on the whole auction are very high. I bet that this Coleman Hawkins will sell for far more than usual (by the way, it is very fine record) Jazzrecord revival deserves his success, but when you see a copy of Portrait in Jazz sold for around 800 $ you can’t think nothing but “crazy behaviour”.

  • I was thinking of bidding on that dexter gordon 10 inch as well but I’m wondering why the address on the back cover is different than dial 203 and 207 in that auction. The back cover also has a 12 inch series listed on it, I wonder if that means it’s a second press?

  • Al: I have been tracking a direct correlation between when you post an eBay item on the blog and the large surge in the price bidding before the auction closes. In fact, this trend is so strong, I have never seen your “mention” of the item trigger a decrease in the price.

    How are you pulling this off? Should be charging sellers for your secret sauce services?



  • I raised my planned bid by 10 dollars on the howard mcghee battlefront record after reading the story on it here, because knowing the story behind the record made it that much more interesting. However, I think the Jackie Mclean prestige that was mentioned recently would have made it to that price no matter what, because it was part of a large auction and a lot of people saw it.

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