On eBay: Morgan, Zoot, Chambers & Rare Mobley

Here are some nice items coming up soon on eBay:

Lee Morgan Sextet, Blue Note 1541. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing being sold by Euclid Records. The vinyl is listed as VG++ and the cover is listed as M-. The current price is a little more than $300, but it’s hard to believe that this one won’t sell for more than $1,000, perhaps considerably more, given the way prices on Blue Notes have been going.

The Great Zoot Sims, Down Home, Bethlehem 60. This is an original red label pressing. The record and vinyl seem to be in what we would grade as VG++ condition, based on the seller’s description. The current price is about $150.

This one is already close to $800 and it hasn’t yet reached the seller’s reserve price:

Paul Chambers Quintet, Blue Note 1564. This is an original West 63rd Street pressing from a reputable seller. It is in M- condition for the vinyl and the cover. It will almost certainly pass the $1,000 mark and we’ll see if that is enough to get to the seller’s reserve price.

And finally, here’s one that has a start price of $3,000: Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568. This is one of the rare ones, for sure. This one is in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover and it looks to be a nice copy. So far there are no bidders, but there are several days left until it closes. My guess is that someone will be willing to plunk down $3,000 more for this record. We’ll see soon enough.


  • Does anyone know if there is a back story behind why that Hank Mobley LP is so rare ?

  • Dear friend,

    First of all, congrats. for this blog, and second, excuse me for my bad english.

    I would like to make you a simple question about sound quality on blue note record editions, cause I want to beguin my BN vinyl collection.

    Have the same quality the Lex. Avenue, 64 street, and NY editions?

    Liberty and UA editions have a lower quality?

    Any suggestions about how beguin my collection, where find the records…?

    Many thank’s,


  • Don Lucky. Here’s a quote from a recent Ebay auction :
    “The Holy Grail of Jazz collectors, 1568 was pressed in a very limited number. 500 total LP’s were made on one run only. The first 200 used the NY 23 label on side two, the rest were the 47 W 63rd NY. All of them were the deep groove, and all of them came from the same run.”

  • Thanks for the info Michel. I wonder why they would have pressed such a limited number of these LP’s back then… (Ahhhhh the mysteries of collecting Blue Notes !)

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