On Ebay: Newk & Jenkins, Blue Note & Prestige

Here’s another one headed for the $1,000 bin: Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This is an original pressing that looks to be in near mint condition by a seller in Italy who has solid feedback. There are about 14 hours to go and it is already at about $1,800. The seller has five rare Rollins LPs on eBay now, also: Sonny Rollins Volume 1, Blue Note 1542. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing that also looks to be in near mint condition. The current price is more than $500, but it has not yet reached the seller’s reserve.

Here’s another seller with some nice Blue Notes on eBay today, including: John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This is an original pressing with

the West 63rd Street address, ear, RVG, et al, and it is also listed in M- condition. The current price is $750, with about 20 hours to go.


  • 750, but with no bids…collectors don’t like those high start bidding prices… that’s often the case. When a start price is too high, in many cases, the record does not sell at very high price… only one or two bidders. let’s see if this rule apply…

    Regarding Sax Colossus, i think we will see another record for this one. I’ve bought some records from theis seller, and his item are always in fantastic factory fresh condition…Japanese are well aware of that…I think there are some millionnaires from the rising sun country now ready to set their E-snipe at very high level… By the way is it so rare ? Many good copies have surfaced in recent times. A way of measuring the REAL availability of a record would be to count the number of times its auctionned at Ebay, by years, on the five previous years…this would be possible with Popsike and jazzcollector.com…

  • The high start price doesn’t bother me on the jenkins lp as much as the condition of the cover. If the cover looks vg+ and is listed as near mint, it makes me wonder about the condition of the vinyl.

  • Bob – right. I would not qualify this as a NMint cover. VG+ seems more appropriate

  • Regarding Sax Colossus: I checked popsike.com. It is listed 6 times from 2006 up to now – though some are 2nd pressings. One is even trashed – at least the seller tells that it has too many scratches to be played and the cover is heavily damaged – but it still went for 136 USD! I have seen several more copies on ebay – at least 5 or 6 over the last months. I watched carefully as this is a big favourite of mine – but it was always going for (too) big money. I think there are always seasons where a record has a special “hype” and the prices are very high – I am still optimistic to find a decent copy one day after the hype for an affordable price.

  • Saxophone Colossus, hmmm. I have a trashed New York copy in a frame hanging above my desk. If it’s really worth $136, it’s coming out of the frame and heading right to eBay. Now!

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