Prices Rising, Regardless of Condition, It Seems

clifford copyLet’s catch up on some of the jazz records were were watching on eBay before we were so rudely interrupted by life.

Clifford Brown and Max Roach, Study in Brown, Emarcy 36037. This is, of course, one of the classic records of the era. I haven’t noticed it selling for big prices in recent years, but perhaps that’s just me not noticing. Looking in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, I see we have several instances of the record selling for between $400 and $700. This looked to be an original pressing in just VG condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. I was surprised to see that it sold for $280.55, which is why I was watching it. I thought it would sell for less.

I thought this would sell for less as well: Thelonious Monk Plays, Prestige 189. This was an original 10-inch LP in VG+ condition for the record and the cover. It sold for $504.99. That seller did well not just with the Monk and Clifford records, but also with the Sun Ra records he had and some of his other 10-inch LPs, including Dexter Gordon Quintet, Dial 204. This was an original pressing listed in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $333.

Here’s one for the $1,000 bin:

Here Comes Louis Smith, Blue Note 1584. This was probably an original pressing, although the seller’s description doesn’t tell you so you have to really look carefully and zoom in on the pictures to see the deep grooves. It was listed in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover.  It sold for $1,169. I’m probably a bit too wary of VG+ as a catch-all grade to ever consider paying that much for a VG+ record. Of course, I’ve never paid that much for a record in ANY condition.



  • Regarding the Study In Brown:
    The label should be DG, Small Drummer and Silver rim to be original 1st pressing?

  • Al, the heading of the 1584 auction tells you that it has deep grooves, RVG, Ear etc. I didn’t noticed that at first either. I asked the seller about surface noise and so on… he replied “It’s pretty quiet”. VG+..pretty quiet..what to do, what to do.. well 1.169 USD is very high for this particular LP in VG+ condition. Far too much. It’s the 3rd highest ever on Popsike for this LP. The two above and the one below are in better condition.

  • Shaft – I thought small drummer and silver rim came later, and that big drummer with no rim was first.

  • it is so much fun to score a record by hunting. i can’t imagine paying these top prices. i actually just did my first “go check out a collection” experience today. it went interestingly to say the least. not as great a story as baltimore or irving kalus, though. got a few nice records, but definitely made friends with the seller’s son, who has a very nice collection and is roughly my age. we have decided to do some trading, so hopefully some goodies will come out of this.

  • Joe L Well I’m not sure about Study in brown even after looking at popsike.

    I think generally collectors are content with DG and drummer logo. Logo-wise the big drummer was first according to microgroove site but says the other way around.

    I have myself a Blue print back with small drummer and silver rim. I got it in VG+ for ten dollars so I’m happy either way 😉

  • Shaft – I completely agree; any drummer is fine with me! You should be pleased – that’s a helluva score for a superb record.

  • Yes – the music is stellar so I’m happy. That particular shop is not much aware of different jazz pressings since they deal mostly with rock/pop ;-.)

  • My previous understanding was that the sequence for Emarcy is Large drummer with ring, large drummer without ring, small drummer.
    I’m a bit puzzled with this one, since it looks like small drummer with ring and I previously was not aware of this combination, so I’m obviously wrong in at least one regard.

    In terms of the price realized of this album, his description – to whatever extent it can be believed – sounds better than VG – as to the the cover, Emarcys of this era rarely had covers that still look good – therefore an original pressing (which it probably is) in VG+ shape is probably a pretty good buy

  • Earl, yes this copy has the small drummer with ring.
    I have not seen a large drummer with or without ring for this title. The most expensive Popsike entry mentiones a large drummer but no picture so I’m also puzzled.

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