Temptation: A New Jazz & A Test Pressing

bennyI spent a couple of hours perusing eBay the other night and put a bunch of items on my watch list and even placed a snipe bid on this record: Benny Golson, Gettin’ With It, New Jazz 8248. This was an original pressing that was probably in VG++ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. I bid on the record primarily because I don’t have it and I thought it might sell for a reasonable price. It’s also a record I used to own and, frankly, I can’t remember why I don’t own it any more. But I don’t. When I placed my snipe the bidding was at $87 with several hours left, and I thought maybe I could get a nice original New Jazz. My snipe was about $160 and I thought I would get the record. I didn’t. The top bid was $190.50.

I was watching this one, not because I was interested, but because I wanted to see how high it would go, which was plenty: Grant Green, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Blue Note 4202. This was an original mono New York USA pressing in M- or so condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. It sold for $511.11. Here’s the existential question for today: Why?

Our friend CeeDee sent this link to tempt me:

Sonny Rollins Volume 2, Blue Note 1558. This was a an original test pressing. No cover, of course, but the record was in VG++ condition. The cool thing about it is the big Plastylite logo and the hand-written description. Could it be Van Gelder himself? This one sold for $569.86.



  • This “I want to Hold your hand” is definitely a rare one, and the presence of Mobley, Larry Young, Grant are the explanation. I own a NM copy of this one, bought 20 years back ago. I almost regretted to have bought it at this time… I still would sell it right away for this price or exchange it with a NM mono “Page One” or “Fickle Sonance”. If someone is interested…

  • I would have LOVED to lay hands on that Rollins test pressing. Adds so much to the incredible ‘mystique’ around Plastylite and Blue Note. Still I’m over the moon with the copy that I have: a beautiful 47West 63rd pressing without the trademark “R” and the deep groove and all the other details 😉

    You can check out the photos of my copy here. Just for the hell of it 😉

  • The Benny G is nice, I picked a great copy up maybe 2 years ago on ebay for $40 ! So bargains on the web do some times happen!
    The Grant Green is a good record but….that is a lot of
    corn. Strange picture presentation on the Green too, all them soft edge photoshopped images….arghh
    The Test pressing is so off the scale, it’s worth what ever someone is willing…God it would be nice to have that on your shelf.

  • Yes, that test pressing is ridiculously fantastic.

  • If the Benny G plays with no distraction the price would be ok. However, these New Jazz pressings are generally not so good sounding….

  • Speaking of BLP 1558, does anyone have an original jacket to go with my 47 West 63rd copy of this LP? I happened to discover a copy in strong VG condition…inside a jacket for Saxophone Collosus. Not sure what happened there, but I feel it was worth $10!

    On a related note, is there anyone interested in a jacket for Saxophone Collosus? It’s definitely an early version but I don’t see a NY address OR an NJ address either. I would be happy to take photos.

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