The $1,000 Bin is Getting Crowded

Kenny Dorham copyWow, looks at the prices on these two:

Kenny Dorham, Afro-Cuban, Blue Note 5065. This was an original Lexington Avenue 10-inch pressing listed as Ex condition for both the record and the cover. The seller hyped up the condition, suggesting that the record was only played once or twice. It sold for $1,684.

Roland Kirk, Triple Threat, King 539. This was an original pressing that was probably in VG++ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. It had been listed previously at about $2,000, didn’t sell and was listed again. This time it sold for $1,259.56.

Well, while we’ re filling the $1,000 bin, let’s add a few more: Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, Blue Note 1588. This was an original pressing listed in Ex condition for both the record and the cover. There were 17 bidders and 79 bids, which is a pretty high amount. The record sold for $2,604.54.

This came from the same seller:

Jutta Hipp at the Hickory House Volume 2, Blue Note 1516. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing  that was in Ex condition for the cover and somewhere between VG+ and Ex for the record. This one sold for $1,456.

Finally, this one seemed headed for the $1,000 bin, but didn’t quite make it . . . yet: Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan, Peckin’ Time, Blue Note 1574. This was an original pressing listed in VG+ condition for the record and the cover. The seller had a start price of $1,700, but there were not bidders. It is back on eBay now at a start price of $1,640. Still no bidders.




  • Irresponsible to say that record has only been played once or twice. Impossible to know the history of a 60 year old record unless you’ve owned it the whole time.

  • Ugh, the price from Triple Threat is depressing; the one Roland Kirk I so badly want, and it’s about $1,200 too expensive for my budget. Oh well, I’ll put on a copy of Introducing Roland Kirk and make do.

  • wow! a 3.5% off sale on peckin’ time! form one orderly like, everybody. no pushing.

  • one orderly LINE. damn autocorrect.

  • At $60 increments, he might have to re-list that one 6 to 8 more times until he gets a peck.

  • The Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’, Blue Note 1588 really had some conditions problems if you looked at the pics of the back of the album jacket – there was rectangular tape residue clearly apparent where the top seam had been repaired at one time. u-g-l-y!

  • Welp, that $60 discount on Peckin’ Time is sure to attract bidders. Someone has to be out there was like, ‘$1700? No way. Maybe $1640 but not $1700’. lol

  • In all fairness though the seller could be simply waiting for a new bidder to come along who didn’t notice the auction the first time around. 😉

  • Also, the Jutta Hipp auction says, ‘Looks VG+ but plays EX’. This seems to be a common Blue Note/vintage jazz myth. I suppose I have found it to be true on a handful of occasions but on many more occasions I have found vintage records to not play as good as they look due to groove wear. I personally avoid auctions with this type of description unless I really want the record.

  • I wish sellers would start including audio clip samples in their postings, at least for the high value (high $$$) LPs. The technology is there … it’s been available for some years. If I am considering a $500 or greater LP, it would be nice to hear representative audio. VG++, VG+++, EX-, NM+ … groan.

  • I agree–I’ve bought several over the last year that were VG+ or VG rated but sound clips were included–so at least I knew the quality of the LP before I bid. Very helpful!

  • Well, at least on eBay one is protected by the eBay return guarantee, and if one pays via Paypal, their return policy as well is also in effect

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