The Rarest Ever? We’ll Have To See About That

Here’s an interesting listing on eBay: The Fabulous Guitar of Bill Jennings, King 295-106. This is a 10-inch record in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. One of the things that makes the listing interesting is the statement by the seller that this is the “most rare and collectible 10-inch jazz guitar LP EVER MADE.” That is quite a strong statement, although seller seems knowledgeable, he is also quite hyperbolic, talking about this being the rarest “in the history of mankind.” In any case, I’ve never heard of this LP, but I’m sure it’s quite collectible. I know there are many jazz guitar enthusiasts out there, including my friend Dan, so perhaps we can have some real perspective on this LP. This auction is closing later today, there is a start price of $1,500 and there are still no bidders.

I’ve also got an eye on this one, and a story goes with it: Sonny Clark, Sonny’s Crib, Blue Note 1576. This is an original pressing in what is probably VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. It closes in six days and the start price is around $800. The story that goes with it is that I just purchased an original pressing of this record and it is the cleanest copy I’ve ever seen. I’m quite pleased about that. There are other records that were part of this collection and, once I sort it all out, I will share some details. But the M- Sonny’s Crib was one of the highlights, that’s for sure.


  • Regarding the King 10′ i don’t like the way the seller describe the records clearly in Japanese’s wallet direction. He apparently doesnt know that japanese collectors are perfectly aware of what is rare and what is worth…
    By the way, those Bill Jennings albums on King are fine records. I had one original… sold it.

  • Speaking of rare guitar jazz records: Can anyone shed some light on the record “Out of Town” by Chauncey Westbrook on Melba Records. Not a 10″ but as I may put it, “insanely rare” as well, isn’t it?

  • The Jennings record did not sell. I looked at some of the seller’s other listings. There are a lot of mega rares and insanely rares and call kinds of rares. Perhaps he is from the bobdjukic school of hyperbole. No medium rares, that’s for sure.

  • Billy Bean and Johnny Pisano @ starting bid 175 😀 !

  • “otherwise it will stay neatly tucked away in my collection.. ”

    And back it goes into slumberland, neatly tucked away.

  • this seller has got a nice selection of guitar albums though. I.a. the very rare BillyBauer – Plectrist on Norgran.
    His starting prices are a bit high though.

  • Jennings…..Sleep tight in your slumber, apparently to insanely rare to sell!! Even to the Japanese bidders who don’t have enough in the PayPAl accounts…

  • did anyone keep track of this

    Spiritual Private Press Jazzy Business….
    It Didn’t reach the reserve…Wow!

  • Rudolf, do you like Billy Bauer’s Plectrist ? I purchased a NM original years ago. Listened to it yesterday…did not really catch my attention. Your opinion ?

  • I will listen to it tomorrow, with an open, but critical mind. It has been ages ago that I listened to it. You will hear from me.

  • Hi Michel: I owe you a reply on Billy Bauer – Plectrist on Norgran MG N-1082.
    Being a Tristano school adept, I always considered this album to be a must. After repeated listening today, I find too few traces of the teachings of the maestro.
    At places it is a rather bland affair, missing fire and ingenuity. The standards offering a bit more than the few originals by Billy.
    I listened to two similar albums for comparison:
    Ad Lib 5501, a 10″ entitled “Let’s have a session” by the Billy Bauer Rhythm section, featuring Tony Aless, Arnold Fishkin and Don Lamond. This 1953 session is more rewarding, notably thanks to Arnold Fishkin.
    I took out vol. 2 of All Night Session, Hampton Hawes/Jim Hall on CR. Something else! Jim does play. I refrained to go further and listen for instance to Tal Farlow in a piano setting.
    I have two copies of the “Plectrist” album. Both yellow trumpeter labels, but one sleeve is showing Billy on a reddish background, the other is red on a blackish background. Don’t know which is the original. Which one do you have?
    I am a fanatic on Norgran and prefer the yellow/black (THE colours of bop) trumpeter label design even to Prestige. Will sell one, but certainly keep the other, maybe repeated listening will allow me to discover some hidden beauties.

  • Thank you Rudolf. Same opinion here about “Plectrist”. Mine has a reddish background, and your favourite yellow tpt label.

  • In case some might have overread it: has nobody ever heard of the Chauncey “Lord” Westbrook LP? I have this particular record but would like to know something more about it and of Melba Records. Any help is appreciated.
    He was also the guitarist on Charlie Rouse’s “Bossa Nova Bacchanal” for Blue Note.

  • this guitar seller is back in the market with the same list. Apparently he did not sell a single album last time. He has not adapted his prices.

  • I’ve heard of Westbrook but never seen the LP that you mention.

    The Sahel Concert is a good record, almost always seen in annihilated condition. Soul Jazz Records reissued it on CD and LP recently, if memory serves.

  • Hi, I just found a copy of the Lord Westbrook LP. Probably putting up on ebay in a day or two. Not in great shape, but I’ve seen way worse!!

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