This Week on EBay: Some Blue Notes . . . Plus

Got home late yesterday afternoon from Providence, where my son had directed a play (quite well done, I must say) and popped onto eBay to see what was there for my friends at Jazz Collector. As soon as I did my normal search under jazz records, the first two items that popped up were real beauties: Lee Morgan, ¬†Volume 3, Blue Note 1557 and Cliff Jordan/John Gilmore, Blowing in From Chicago, Blue Note 1549. Both of this records are listed in near mint condition and both sellers promise that you will never see a better copy. Digging a little deeper, the seller of the Jordan LP has a bunch of other, similar, high-end beautiful condition jazz collectibles on auction this week. It promises to be an interesting week, with a few more additions to the $1,000 bin. It is my expectation that each of these records will sell for more than $1,000 — in fact,

the Morgan record is already going for more than $800, and there will be several more that could approach the same stratosphere. There’s always talk about an August slump, but this week we’ll be testing the theory and probably exploding it as well.


  • Rudolf A. Flinterman

    I am seller of the Lee Morgan and followed your recent advise to forget about holiday season, credit crunch and other gloomy subjects. Life on EBay goes on. We will see how it ends for this batch.

  • Aha, I remember you mentioned you had two copies. I’m glad to give it some publicity. So far, so good, it seems.

  • beautifull records! ..and a GREAT site too recordcollector! I peak in everyday from amsterdam,(N) to see the latest news.
    Are those 1000 dollar prices (and up) only for the
    1500 series or are they also happening in the 4000 series?

    hhmmm.. second pressings and down is my budget most of the times.

  • Rudolf A. Flinterman

    Maarten, good to see you on board. I bought many goodies in Amsterdam at Concerto, Glorie (Ceintuurbaan) and Discotone (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat). There are some 4000 series Blue Notes which fetch high prices like 4001, 4031 and 4040 and 4041.
    Tot ziens.

  • Actually — you can do a search on the Jazz Collector Price Guide based on highest prices first. I just did it and, in addition to those mentioned by Rudolf, there is also Horace Parlan, Us Three, Blue Note 4037, which has twice sold for more than $1,000; and also a copy of Kenny Dorham, Whistle Stop, Blue Note 4063, which sold for more than $1,000. I happen to have both of those albums in very nice condition, so if someone wants to make an offer, you know where to find me. – al

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