Today on eBay: Tal, Drew, Kenny Dorham, True Blue

We had a couple of hours to kill last night, so we did something we used to do every day: Scroll through a full 24 hours worth of jazz records listed on eBay. It was good timing, because we found some nice items for our Jazz Collector readers and one item we plan to bid on for ourselves.

Our friends at Euclid Records have a nice batch closing today, including: Kenny Drew Trio, Riverside 224. This is an original white label pressing and is listed in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The current price is $1,256, so, Kenny Drew, welcome again to the $1,000 bin. Also from Euclid is The Tal Farlow Album, Norgran 1047. This is the 12-inch version with the beautiful cover by David Stone Martin. It is in M- condition for both the record and the cover and is currently in the $60 price range. My friend Dan Axelrod, who was Tal’s good friend and protege, swears that the 10-inch version of this record offers far better sound quality than the 12-inch version. I suppose that’s why he has more than a dozen copies of the 10-inch version. Nonetheless, the 12-inch Tal Farlow Album is quite lovely to listen to and quite collectible and is certainly a worthy addition to any collection.

It always pays to read the eBay listings carefully. Here’s an example why:

I’ve been watching a copy of the LP Kenny Dorham and The Jazz Prophets, ABC Paramount 122. This is listed as an original pressing and it’s listed in VG++ condition and the starting price is $100. It’s closing in a couple of hours and there are no bidders. ¬†This is a record we’ve tracked several times in the Jazz Collector Price Guide and it usually sells for more than $300 in this condition. We were even thinking about bidding on the record ourselves, but we were cautious: Surely something must be wrong. There was. Looking closer at the listing, it was clear that, yes, this was an original pressing: But it was an original CANADIAN pressing. Too good to be true? In this case, yes, it was.

Finally, there’s always at least one Blue Note worth watching. This one also comes from Euclid Records: Tina Brooks, True Blue, Blue Note 4041. This is an original pressing. The record is VG++ and the cover is VG. The current price is $535.


  • Rudolf A. Flinterman

    what is strange about the Tal Farlow album is the fact that, according to Jepsen, the 12″ and 10″ versions contain the same number of tracks. So, either the 12″ is a short one, or the 10″ a vey long one, or they have cut in the tracks of the ten incher. Richard Bock of Pacific Jazz would all the time “doctor” his takes, it was not Norman Granz’ habit, I believe.

  • THe 12″ contains 4 additional tracks originally issued on a Norgran compilation -Swing Guitars also featuring tracks by Barney Kessel and Oscar Moore. Those 4 tracks weren’t leftovers from another session-they were recorded on April 25,’55 for that compilation, and later used to fill out the TF Album 12″.

    Interestingly, the 12″ contains an annoying high pitched audio glitch (leakage from a bias tone)
    on several tracks (love nest, my old flame), but the 10″ is clean. The 12″ also contaions a different version of ‘wind and rain’, and like many 12″ reissues, the sound is smoother…more tempered- but the hot high end tone on the 10″ makes the guitar jump off those grooves.

  • Rudolf A. Flinterman

    Dan: very interesting stuff. Thanks for the info.

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