Tommy Flanagan Overseas, On Prestige

Time to catch up on some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay the past few days. Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134, finally sold yesterday for $850. It was like an expensive suit that kept getting marked down. First it was on last week for a start price of $1,100, then this week was on for a Buy it Now price of $950. Last year, as we mentioned before, a nice copy of the same LP sold for $2,414. At $850, the Flanagan LP wasn’t even the highest priced item to sell so far this week. That honor, at least among the items we’ve been watching, goes to a copy of Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568, which went for $1,300. Over the weekend, a copy of Cliff Jordan, Blue Note 1565, sold for $1,402.


We don’t only look at the Blue Notes or the other high ticket items on eBay. We’re constantly looking for bargains as well. Lately, however, we haven’t been able to find any.  Case in point: Here are the sale prices of the other items we mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter:


Jackie McLean, Capuchin Swing, Blue Note 4038, in M-/M- condition. Price: $365. 

Jackie McLean, Bluesnik, Blue Note 4067, in M-/M- condition. Price: $200. If you missed out on this copy, another copy in worse condition is up for auction later today.

Marty Paich Quartet with Art Pepper, Tampa 28, with red vinyl in VG++/M- condition. Price $560.99

The other item we mentioned was Art Blakey Big Band, Bethlehem 6027. This doesn’t close till later today.


Collector Q+A


Q. I own the LP Georgie Auld in the Land of Hi Fi on the Emarcy label. The liner notes don’t list the musicians. Could you please tell me who plays on this album?


A. Yes. The trumpet players are Maynard Ferguson, Conrad Gozzo, Mannie Klein and Ray Linn; the sax players are Willie Schwartz, Ted Nash, Babe Russin and Chuck Genry; the trombone players are Tommy Pederson, Frank Rosolino and Si Zentner; the pianist is Arnold Ross; the guitarists are Al Hendrickson and Barney Kessel; the bassists are Joe Mondragon and JoeComfort; the drummer is Alvin Stoller. The source of this information is The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord, Version 3.3. If you’re a serious collector, the CD-ROM version is definitely a worthwhile tool.


That’s it for today. We will do another update on the Website tomorrow, then a newsletter on Friday, when we will give away another item. We’re still looking through our stuff to figure out what would be a fun give-away. Remember to check our Price Guide and Latest Prices to keep up on pricing trends on eBay and to use our Forums to ask questions of other collectors and to post want lists or even sell items. See you tomorrow. — Al

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