Tracking a Trio of Jazz Vinyl Gems

Tina Brooks Jazz VinylBack to eBay: Tina Brooks, True Blue, Blue Note 4041. This was an original pressing. The record was listed in VG condition and the cover was listed as VG+. The seller intimated that the record might be closer to VG+ than VG, but the pictures of the cover made it look like the cover was closer to VG than VG+, so if I were bidding I would have stuck with the VG. The final price was $1,390.

Tommy Flanagan, The Cats, New Jazz 8217. This was an original purple label deep groove pressing that was listed in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. This record, of course, features John Coltrane as a sideman. This copy sold for $410. This is one of those records that has really increased in value and demand during the time period (eight-plus years) we’ve been doing the Jazz Collector site on a regular basis.

Wow, look at the final price on this one: Brent Axen, Poll Winner, Fona Klubben LPJ 416. This is an original Danish pressing from 1959. I have to admit, were it not for eBay and following the jazz vinyl listings so closely, I would never have known about this record. I do know that I’ve never seen a copy. This one was in Ex condition for the record and Ex or VG+ for the cover. The final price was $2,392.



  • A solid result for True Blue in that condition. I agree with you Al about the jacket, and one additional issue from my perspective is the rectangular owner sticker on the side 2 label. For something into the four figure range, I find it difficult to fathom accepting anything less than completely clean labels. Perhaps there is a method to cleanly remove an adhesive stamp/sticker such as the one in this listing, but I have yet to discover the method (if it exists). Typically, these types of owner stickers either rip the label or leave a significant amount of residue. Has anyone had success removing these in the past?

    How do others feel about these types of owner stickers? I feel like they are less of an issue if they appear on the back of the jacket, but if they appear on the labels, then I typically pass unless the price is adjusted significantly downward, or if the vinyl is truly NM condition otherwise.

  • Gregory the Fish

    owner stickers and other writing or marring on the labels do not bother me, as long as i can tell what the label was (read the address, see the deep grooves, check for R/inc, etc.) because the label is not a display item, and i really just care if the vinyl sounds good.

    i am forgiving of reasonable marks on the jacket too, even the front, but if the owner puts stickers, writing, etc on the front cover in a distracting, especially if it is not laminated so i can get it off… then i am annoyed. if you get reference, “Big Ed” has ruined many would-be scores.

    i just got a nice NM-/NM- copy of Donald Byrd’s “Free Form” and the only flaw is that on the front cover the previous owner stamped their name upside down in the white space at the top of the jacket. it is fairly small and does not bother me, especially because it doesn’t obscure the artwork or words. but that’s about the limit.

  • Gregory the Fish

    having just rechecked the true blue auction, it is really rather beautiful how “gregory millar” got the sticker on there perfectly with the deep grooves and everything. very lovingly applied!

  • @Greg – point taken on the neatness of the sticker application. I have certainly seen much worse, however I’d argue that our pal Gregory Millar went a tad overboard on the back of the jacket. Perhaps he was practicing his signature for the day when he fronted his own jazz LP???? 🙂

  • Gregory the Fish

    haha, jrock, i hadn’t even noticed that! that doesn’t bother me, either, since it is subtle, but only gregory millar could tell us why it was needed at all four corners. it’s not like you go to your friend’s house and say “i notice that the week i lost my copy of true blue, you got one!” and he says “well you can only look at one corner to check, so i hope you wrote your name on all four!”

  • I agree about the True Blue sellers description….. He says, “Previous owner’s name written on back”, but neglects to point out that he signed his name in ink FIVE times. There is also a discoloration all around the edge which makes me think the owner was a heavy smoker. If he let the records sit outside the jackets for any length of time there could be a nicotine haze on the surface which takes a considerable effort to remove.

  • Long time reader, love this blog. Trying to sell my OG copy of Giant Steps here –

    thought it might be of interest. Really don’t want to sell it but started my own record shop this year and it’s proving tough financially. I know the price is high but it is a great copy and, like I say, I’d really rather be keeping it. Would be glad to do a deal off of ebay as well.

  • I saw the Bent Axen LP similarly priced last year on a trip to Copenhagen. The owner of the record store said the Danish Debut LP’s just don’t turn up anymore. I believe Let’s Keep The Message is even rarer.

  • Let’s Keep the Message is really good. I’ve never had the Fona LP but it’s quite rare and, from what I understand, often turns up with rather dimpled/pitted vinyl. The pressing was rather inferior and the Japanese reissue is probably the way to go fidelity-wise.

  • Its funny, my attitude to owner stickers depends on what perspective I take, what hat I am wearing. If I view the record as an object with a history, and a history that may be interesting, if I treat it as a archivist from a museological perspective, I do not mind them, in fact find them fascinating. As a “pure” collector, I hate them, buying into the dream that one day I will find the whole BN first pressing cache in unopened unplayed condition. Perhaps I am also a bit of an anomaly, I do not display my records, and the main way I “use” them, other than for listening, is as historical/research objects. That being said, a marked up record should have this state reflected in the price.

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