Tracking Some Later Blue Note Originals

Blue copyHere’s some more jazz vinyl we were watching on eBay:

Dexter Gordon, One Flight Up, Blue Note 4176. This was an original mono pressing, still in its original shrink wrap. The record was in M- condition and the cover was VG++. It sold for $255. This was among a bunch of later original Blue Notes I was watching from the same era. Others included Blue Mitchell, The Thing To Do, Blue Note 4178. This also looked to be an original mono pressing and was listed in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $280. Also: Wayne Shorter, JuJu, Blue Note 4182. This was also an original mono pressing and was listed in M- condition for the record and VG for the cover, with water damage and tape repairs. Nonetheless, it sold for $265. Here’s another one that seems destined to sell in the same range as these, perhaps even higher:

Wayne Shorter, Night Dreamer, Blue Note 4173. This looks to be an original mono pressing in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. As of this writing the bidding is in the $150 range with more than two days left on the auction.

Finally, there was that mega rare copy of John Coltrane, Giant Steps, Atlantic 1311. This was the one with the bullseye label from bobdjukic (it’s scary how I can spell that name now without having to look it up). This one sold for a quite amazing $645.


  • Guess I won’t be picking up Giant Steps anytime soon…even a bullseye second pressing.

  • I think it was mentioned previously, but a stereo bulls-eye Steps is almost certainly a true first (green label not known to exist) – and don’t forget, mega rare is not as rare as insanely rare (I think)

  • I should have added that, since a mono first (black label) of Steps has sold for more than twice as much as this one achieved, a first stereo at $645 may not be that outlandish

  • is ok to say that i dislike bob? can i say that?

    until he stopped, he used to be so rude on LJC, too. always posting diatribes about his search for info on originals.

    blatantly selling 1593 with INC and R and calling it original… me no likey.

  • GTF – I don’t mind Bob’s puffery (it’s the buyer’s fault for buying into it), the issue I have is his religious insistence that there is no existential way to “prove” which pressing is first, but then, in many of his auctions, he highlights all of the traditional first pressing points (e.g., the ear) to declare a pressing a true first. If you’re going to be officially agnostic, you can’t then suddenly become evangelical when it benefits your sales; well, you can, but it’s unsavory, especially for a seller with so much experience and knowledge.

  • Earl. Thanks for the info. I didn’t even check to see if it was mono or stereo. I’ve just been admiring Fredrik’s copy 🙂

  • Id like to know who some of his uneducated buyers are. More money than brains as they say…

  • “…Eviscerate the proletariat !!!” 🙂

  • I too have also decried djukic’s “puffery” (exactly the right word, Joe L) – but I’ve got to admit, that I might not buy djukic, I might well want him to sell for me (if it ever, God forbid, comes to that) – it’s a terrible thing, but no-one gets close to his prices on a consistent basis

  • I have a large collection of jazz, 3 originals of giant steps,dexters one flight up,e t.ect…. wanna rap?

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