Tracking Some Rare Beauties on eBay

Couple of interesting jazz vinyl auctions taking place now from sellers who would be quite familiar to the Jazz Collector audience. First up is collossus3: He’s the one who had access to the Leon Leavitt vault and was, he says, able to pick and choose the best copy of each of the rare records. Among those rare records now available on eBay are: Freddie Hubbard, Open Sesame, Blue Note 4040. This is an original pressing and it is described as being in pristine condition, M- all the way fro the record and the cover.  There is a reserve price, which of course is undisclosed, as well as a buy-it-now price of $2,500. So far the bidding has not yet hit the reserve price and is in the $250 range. We’ve seen this record sell for as much as $1,500 in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, so we’d certainly expect the bidding to top $1,000 at some point. Whether that will be enough to hit the reserve price, we’ll see, assuming no one gobbles it up at $2,500. From the same seller comes Horace Silver, Six Pieces of Silver, Blue Note 1539. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing with the flat edge. It is not only described as being in extraordinary immaculate condition, the vinyl even has  a”jewel-like” finish. Gotta love it. In any case, this one is still under $200 with a couple of days left on the bidding and it hasn’t reached the reserve price either.

The other interesting auction we’re watching is from the seller Sweedeedee from Stockholm, who often has nice pieces for sale on eBay. This week some of his listings include:

Kenny Dorham, Quiet Kenny, New Jazz 8225. This looks to be an original purple label pressing with the deep grooves. The record is described as being in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover. The current price is $565 with two days left. This one will surely get into the $1,000 bin and may even squeeze its way into the $2,000 bin. Our top price on the Jazz Collector Price Guide for this one has been more than $2,300. From the same seller comes Thad Jones, Detroit-New York Junction, Blue Note 1513. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing. The record is in M- condition and the cover is VG+. The bidding is in the $230 range, but this would seem to be a record that will sell for at least $500 and probably more, don’t you think?


  • Informal Jazz which we watched of late has for the second time not reached the reserve price. Bidding ended in the mid 400’s.

  • And only 4 bids on Informal Jazz…looks like deman on this one is not so high…good news ?

  • If only my copy of Open Sesame was near mint. But alas, I paid a Dollie for it and will take the pops.

  • Michel: don’t forget that Two Tenors was produced in big numbers, even in the blue trident version. So most people having this great music in Two Tenors form won’t spend a fortune just to have the first version.

  • Aha, there we have the man again that sells Leon Levitt’s best of the best copies. I promised not to say anything about anymore, but still: for Hubbard’s 4040 he says “I listened to 20 copies of this recording before finally finding the perfect record and cover and had a difficult time getting Leon to sell this one to me.” Yeah, right. And for Silver’s 1539 he mistypes the Lex. Ave address twice: “167 Lexington Ave. NYC…..The cover is imprinted with the address: 757 Lexington Ave., New York 21” -Oh, do come on. 167?? 757?? The 1 on your keyboard isn’t even close to the 7. How can you mistype that world famous address and come across as someone ‘in the know’ at the same time? Oh yes, he’ll make a ton o’cash, but I think the records themselves will be over the moon to leave his house and go live with someone who really loves jazz. Sorry folks, just had to get that off my chest 😉

  • Matty,I’m grateful to have stayed on your good side(thus far)!

  • That guy obviously has marvelous record for sale…but it is true that his previously listed “buy it now” price were somewhat ridiculous.

  • Thanks, Ceedee 😉

  • During my time as a store owner, seller, buyer, etc, I had a few enocunters with Mr. Levitt, even dealing with him in person. He always struck me as someone who played his cards close to his vest, didn’t really let anyone into his confidence.
    And if memory serves me well, which lately since my heart surgery it rarely does, wasn’t there this person Anthony Pearson on eBay and related sites who also claimed to be selling records from/for Leon before/after his passing?

  • lennib: I have the same experience with Leon. I was a buyer for many years, with postal deliveries to Europe. When I had business in LA, it was arranged that he would personally deliver an order to my hotel. An hour was set and reception called that Mr Leavitt had arrived. I had everything prepared for drinks, but I think we have not exchanged more than two words, he rushed me the parcel in the door opening and off he was.
    There are two Leavitt offshoots on EBay, one who claims to be the liquidator of the estate and one who claims to have had privileged relations with Leon when he was still alive.

  • Thanks Rudolf for your insights and tale.
    In my humble opinion(IMHO), msny of the big time record dealers are a bit “squirrely.”

  • @ Lennib and Rudolf: glad to read your comments. And the word “squirrely”, I think, says it all 😉

  • Thought someone on this site may be interested in a rare piece of Jazz on King Records (Roland Kirk Triple Threat) is up for grabs in our Etsy store without the chance of being out bid/set price. Visit (TheModPasse) on Etsy to see and/or purchase it. The vinyl and jacket are in superb condition!!

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