Tracking Tres Blue Notes

Just popped over to eBay and noticed this one closing in about an hour: Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1590. This looks to be an original pressing. The record is listed in VG condition, although the seller notes that it “plays great,” and the cover is VG+. The price is only $565. I say “only” because I would expect this record to sell for more than $1,000 in this condition. And perhaps it will.

Here’ another from the same seller, similar description: Lee Morgan, Indeed, Blue Note 1538. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing, also listed in VG condition for the record, this time without the “plays great” proviso. The cover is in VG+ condition and this one also closes in about an hour. The bidding is in the $500 range.

And one more from this seller: Sonny Rollins Volume 1, Blue Note 1542. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing. The cover on this always has the West 63rd address, right? I’ve never seen this with a Lexington Avenue cover and I’m pretty sure they don’t exist. I have to get another copy of Fred Cohen’s Blue Note Guide. I left the last one on a plane. This record

is VG or VG- for the record and VG- for the cover. Still, it is a Lexington Avenue original, which means it will get some relatively big bucks. In this case there are more than 30 bids and the price is more than $300. Would you rather have a VG Lexington Avenue or a VG+ West 63rd? Tough choice. I’d listen to both and decide from there, but there would have to be a clear difference in the sound quality for me to pass up the original pressing.





  • …I am just watching the auction for the BN 1542 close on eBay at the moment, and it seems there may be a “ghost bidder” helping the seller inflate the price on this one. Personally, I would rather these guys just put a reserve bid down then pull the proverbial strings behind the curtain by bidding us up with an alias.

  • Candy has always been at the top of my list. I’d love to even have a player copy, but alas they always skyrocket in the end. Someday…

  • I found by lucky incident the Rollins BN 1542 on the Amsterdam recordfaire in the original Lexington pressing for 25 euro(30 dollar).The condition was VG for cover and record.,so it was a bargain.I can confirm that the Lexington sounds far better than the later issues.

  • Sure, no Lex cover exist.

  • Lee Morgan’s Candy is another wish list album for me. Have to do with the CD for now. Morgan’s rendition of Jimmy Heath’s “C.T.A.” I think is superb.

    And while we’re at it, who can confirm this quote: “Miles Davis said that Jimmy Heath named it after the best parts of a woman or the train line that ran between his hometown of Philly and either NY or NJ.”??

  • The 1542 cover is 47 West 63rd St,New York 23,but the record is definitely Lexington,both sides DG.

  • Mattyman, I think I recall that from Miles Davis’ autobiography.

  • That Jimmy Heath comment is hilarious!

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