Updating the $1,000 Bin & A Few More

Here are some $1,000 and near-$1,000 records we missed:

Kenny Dorham, ‘Round About Midnight at the Cafe Bohemia, Blue Note 1524. This was an original pressing that was listed in M- condition for the record and excellent condition for the cover, which is, what, VG+, VG++? This one sold for $1,315.

People have already commented on this one elsewhere on Jazz Collector, but it seems reasonable to me, given the state of the Blue Note market: Cannonball Adderley, Somethin’ Else, Blue Note 1595. This looked like an original pressing and was in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $1,250.

This one came from the bobjdukic batch and, given the condition, sold for a fairly whopping price tag: Lee Morgan, Indeed!, Blue Note 1538. It was listed as “insanely rare” (of course), but it was also listed in VG to VG-minus condition for the vinyl, which would definitely indicate surface noise. The cover was VG+ and the price was an even $1,000, which, I suppose, is a sign of something  to conspiracy theorists.

Here was an original copy of Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079, the barely missed the $1,000 bin. This looked to be in VG+ or VG++ condition for the vinyl and probably around VG+ for the cover. It sold for $948,

This too was bobjdukic and insanely rare: J.R. Monterose, Blue Note 1536. This copy was in VG+ condition for the vinyl and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $946.

John Coltrane, Coltrane, Prestige 7105. This was an original New York pressing. The record was listed in VG++ condition, but the cover was VG-minus. It sold for $787.


  • I, for one, rue the day(s) back in late 80s and 90s when I sold most of my Blue Notes, etc. For prices I thought were good at the time, $40.00-50.00 but seem like mere pittances now. Oh for those Mobleys and Morgans again.

  • I saw that Kenny Dorham and wanted to buy it. It’s from that guy who is (and I quote, including the typo in ‘fanatic’): “selling off a collection of Jazz & Classical for a lady at my Church who recently lost her Husband and he was a finatic vinyl collector. But soon I saw the price going up beyond the limits of my wallet, so that was that. I love that Kenny Dorham BLP 1524. Every time I listen to it, gives me that weird feeling of listening to music from an era I was never part of, but still with that deep yearn of wishing that I could have been there to enjoy it for real.

  • Mattyman: I liked your italics.
    Did you know that vols 2 and 3 were issued in Japan with new material? These should be available at affordable prices, I guess.
    I was always reluctant with this 1524 because of the presence of Kenny Burrell who unfortunately was pushed upon K.D. for these sessions. I bought 1524 finally at the Paris flea market in the early sixties for the going price of 19,95 francs and am happy to have it. The cover is fine and J.R. a revelation, as is this Arthur Edgehill, the drummer.

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