What an Auction!

Thad Jones on Blue NoteA lot of us were watching that major auction from Jazz Record Revival and, suffice to say, they had quite an amazing week. Here are some of their higher priced and more interesting items:

The Magnificent Thad Jones Volume 3, Blue Note 1546. This was an original New York 23 pressing listed in M- condition for the record and Ex for the cover. It sold for $1,775. Granted, we’ve been lax in keeping the Jazz Collector Price Guide up to date, but that would be the highest price we’ve ever recorded for a Thad Jones record.

Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1590. This was an original pressing listed in M- condition for the record and Ex+ for the cover. It sold for $2,938.

Hank Mobley, Hank, Blue Note 1560. This was an original pressing listed in M- and Ex+ condition. This one sold for $2,012.65.

Duke Jordan, Flight to Jordan, Blue Note 4046. Another original pressing in M- condition for the record and Ex+ for the cover. This one sold for $1,802.

Bill Evans, How My Heart Sings!, Riverside 473. This was an original pressing with the blue label and reels and mic logo. It was in M- condition for the record and the cover. It sold for $898.

Oliver Nelson With Eric Dolphy, Straight Ahead, New Jazz 8255. This was an original purple label pressing with deep grooves. It was in M- condition for the record and Ex+ for the cover. It sold for a whopping $999.

If you click the hyperlink in the first paragraph you can see all the results yourself. I did a quick count of the records and the total revenue and it’s pretty amazing. I counted 43 records and a total of about $31,140. Not a bad week. The average record price was approximately $730!!!!!!!!





  • Not suprised to se Gordons Go sell for $685 but a NY pressing of Somethin’ Else for $790 is stupid

  • The 1546 was not an original 1st pressing, it should have had a flat edge.

  • very impressive! There were a few that I’m surprised didn’t get more $$. Ted Curson one of them.

    It’s nice to see some records I have (in the same, if not better condition, especially covers) go for so much. But alas, I’m not done building the collection!

  • I had a chance to buy a perfect original mono of “go” for $200 last year but passed as I was quite content with my Music Matters 33rpm issue. Looks like I should have bought it..if anything just to flip it for a record I’d enjoy more!

    Oh well..win some; lose some

  • Certainly some incredible results, especially considering that several were not first pressings. It makes one wonder if bidders are getting caught up in the hype with particular auctions from certain sellers, or if they are just unknowing when it comes to the identification of first pressings (especially with respect to the results for 1546 and the copy of 1530 with the second version jacket that sold for approx. $2,800).

  • I honestly expected True Blue to go higher based on recent prices. But yeah Id love to buy a collection like that

  • Jim R.: I think they just don’t know what a first pressing should look like. I think many collectors look at the vinyl details to identify a 1st pressing, but have no clue about what a 1st art jacket should look like, frame, non-laminated etc. Maybe some didn’t know that the 1546 should have a flat edge as well, the description says raised edge, and maybe some people believe it says that in description to confirm that a beaded rim version is the 1st.

    Mike C: The True Blue had consistent background noise and several clicks and tics. Maybe that put people off. It was obviously not NM.

  • I can’t believe the price on that Nelson, especially considering the pittance I let mine go for years ago.

  • Fredrik – I tend to agree with you regarding many bidders failure to identify the characteristics of a true first pressing, which amazes me considering the amount of money these LPs ultimately sold for and the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge (much of if free) available regarding Blue Note first pressings if one is so inclined to seek it out. One explanation may be that some folks are relying upon Discogs to ID Blue Note first pressings, which would be very unreliable a majority of the time!

    As a side note, the end price for Hancock’s Maiden Voyage is mind boggling as well – $1,580 – almost double the previous highest price I’ve seen paid for this LP.

  • $1500+ for Maiden Voyage is absolutely insane.

  • I’d like to add that it seems “large” groupings of similiar albums auctioned on eBay by a single seller tend to gather more of a feeding frenzy and reason tends to be thrown out the window a bit more..whether it be 40+ desirable blue notes or 40+ desirable spiritual or free jazz albums.

  • A fool and his money are soon parted.most jazz musician s could not make a living playing the music.how ironic the world of jazz

  • Abrasive_Beautiful

    Yeah, I wonder why that copy of Straight Ahead sold for so much. Yes, Dolphy’s records usually command high prices but much less so when he is not the leader it seems. When bringing up the sold listing for that copy, eBay offered me two others at buy-it-now prices of around $200 in “EX” or “NM” condition. 2XXL bid gone wrong?

  • 1. Agreed with Charlie: The most outrageous sale of that auction has to be the stereo NY Somethin Else for almost $800… (O_O)
    2. As Jim and Clifford said, that copy of Maiden Voyage DEMOLISHED the old popsike record: $821 vs. $1580. Un…be…lievable.
    3. That Thad Jones was a couple dollars shy of the popsike record. Interestingly, though the record in this auction was NM, the jacket was listed as “EX”, but clearly broke the seller’s own rules for “EX”, which say corner bumps should only affect at most 1/2″ of the jacket, but the corner bump on that clearly covers over 1/2″ of the corner…not a good sign when it comes to trusting a seller. (I felt the seller’s grading of jackets were liberal in general.)
    Anyway, the other top selling copies of 1546 on popsike don’t appear to be near mint either…could this actually be a $2,000+ record near mint??

  • PS: If I may toot my own horn for a second, I nailed the price of Tender Feelin’s in the comments of the last post. 😉

  • Maybe collectors are starting to care less if it’s an exact first pressing?

    I never tried the samples of the true blue. I knew it would be out of my range. Looked nice though

  • The price for the Maiden Voyage is completely ridiculous. It’s not an uncommon record.

  • I picked up a copy of maiden voyage at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I thought there must be something wrong with it, I paid $8. It plays flawlessly, and the cover is still enveloped in wrap. And someone paid over a grand for a similar copy? I am totally shocked and amazed.

  • Pretty excited to see what that white label promo copy of Abstract went for since I happened to come across one for $30 a few years ago.

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