Win a Free Collectible: Dexter Gordon On Blue Note

There’s been a lot of Blue Note chatter on Jazz Collector lately, and some Dexter Gordon chatter as well, so, as I was looking on my shelves for a suitable item for the next giveaway, I was pleased to come across this: Dexter Gordon, Blue Note  LA393-H2. This is a double LP from 1975, issued by United Artists as part of Blue Note Reissue series. It consists of a variety of Dexter’s work, stretching from his first album as a leader on Blue Note, Doing All Right, up to the 1965 date the produced Gettin’ Around. I wouldn’t have purchased this LP when it came out, since my sole interest was collecting original pressings, but somewhere along the way I picked up this copy and, in fact, it is

still sealed with a price sticker from J+R Music in New York. There’s some terrific music on this album, including The End of a Love Affair from Dexter Calling, plus It’s You Or No One and You’ve Changed from Doing All Right. What’s even better, the record will be given away free to one reader of Jazz Collector. As always with our contests, in order to be eligible to win you just have to comment on the site — anywhere on the site — between now and when the contest officially closes, which will be two weeks from tomorrow, on Feb. 26. Good luck, and thanks for commenting, it’s what gives Jazz Collector life and vitality.

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