Tal Farlow, Downbeat, One More Time

Dan is back with another request. This upcoming memoir better be good. (Actually, it is: I’ve seen early drafts). This time Dan is looking for a high-res scan of the following photo from Downbeat, May 2, 1967. I know I have this issue in nice condition, bit it is somewhere in storage and I can’t access it. So if someone out there can help out (again), I’m sure it would be most appreciated.



  • Are you sure about the date? I think this article ran in the October 30, 1969 edition of Downbeat.

  • Nevermind. My mistake.

  • It’s probably easier to track down-at least for me-if someone could mention what’s on the cover(if known). thanks!

  • Not a clue ceedee. The article is dated May 2 on the bottom and the gig it references occurred in 1967. That’s all “she rote”

  • You may be looking for the May 2, 1968 issue, not 1967. 1968 had a May 2 issue; 1967 date closest was May 4. This would also be consistent with the late 1967 reference in the article. I do not have the issue, unfortunately…but perhaps some others here might.

  • BigBear-
    Once again you nailed it! I assumed ’67 cause that was the year of the gig, but that gig got reviewed in Time magazine, and when I checked Time this morning, it was December 22, 1967.

    So no surprise that “jazz time” lagged behind five months…and May ’67 would’ve been out of the question.

    Ebay offered up a copy in Britain (I bought the ’92 LesPaul aritcle from a Brit as well), so you’re batting 1,000.

    In the meantime, googling May and Down Beat” somehow brought up the fact that Sidney Bechet died on his birthday- May 14. And of course, my follow up google “People who died on their birthday” revealed Shakespeare and FDR as well.

    So to all the jazzers who helped in my quest (especially BigBear and Rob), I offer a Happy “Mother******’s” Day!
    Dan Axelrod

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