Another For the $1,000 Bin

We haven’t been watching eBay as closely since we bought the collection in Trenton recently. We’ve been spending a lot of time washing and cleaning records. Fortunately, the results of our efforts are starting to bear fruit and a couple of the items from the collection finally made their way to eBay yesterday, including Paul Chambers, Whims of Chambers, Blue Note 1534,  and Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers a the Cafe Bohemia, Volume 1, Blue Note 1507.  We did, however, take note of another item that recently surpassed the $1,000 price barrier, and that is: Bent Axen, Poll Winner 59. This was an original Danish pressing, Fona Klubben 416. The seller said that this label was kind of notorious for bad pressings and bubbles in the pressings, but this was listed as a perfect copy of the record as well as the cover. The price was $1,540.

Updating the $1,000 Bin

We’ve been updating the Jazz Collector Price Guide this morning and we just added a fairly  large group of records that surpassed the $1,000 price barrier. We’ve mentioned some of these before on Jazz Collector, but it’s interesting to see the group all at once. There are no links attached to these, by the way, so don’t try clicking them. Here goes:

Bent Axen, Let’s Keep the Message, Debut 133. There are actually two copies of this that fit into the category. They were both in M- condition, both cover and record. One sold for $1,790.90 and the other sold for $1,326.

Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. There are two copies of this as well. One was sold by the Jazz Record Center and was in M- condition, both record and cover. It sold for $1,492. the other was in VG++/VG+ condition. It sold for $1,575. Go figure.

Here’s the only one on the list that was a bit of a surprise:

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Another for The $1,000 Bin

I was up in Providence this weekend and couldn’t get over to visit Steve over at Round Again Records on Wickenden Street, which I usually try to do when I visit the city. It would have been a good time to go: Round Again had a very nice copy of Lee Morgan Volume 3, Blue Note 1557, which closed yesterday on eBay. The record was in M- condition and the cover looked like a VG++. The record sold for $1,675 and had nearly 300 views. Like many dealers, Steve puts a lot of his best stuff on eBay these days, for good reason: It’s hard to imagine someone walking into a shop and paying $1,675 for a record, although it happens with increasing frequency on eBay. Still, there are always good items to browse at Round Again, so if you’re in Providence, it’s definitely worth the trip. And say hi to Steve for us.

One for the $2,000 (almost $3,000) Bin

Many of you probably saw that the item we were watching yesterday from the Jazz Record Center, Lee Morgan, Indeed, Blue Note 1538, wound up selling for the whopping price if $2,927. That’s great. It’s nice to see the demand high and the price high and a happy customer and (I’m sure) a happy seller. Dave asks in one of the other posts if we have a list of the highest prices on eBay. We don’t have a formal list, but you can go to our Jazz Collector Price Guide and do a search of our 4,000-record database and sort them by highest prices first. The top item we have is a copy of Cool Struttin’ by Sonny Clark that sold for $3,750.

A few More For the $1,000 Bin, Courtesy of JRC

As we expected, several of the items from the Jazz Record Center auction sold for well more than $1,000. Here’s the rundown of the ones we were watching:

Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This was an original New York pressing. On further inspection, this copy looks to be in M- condition, both record and cover. The final price was $1,492.

Sonny Rollins Volume One, Blue Note 1542. This was also an original pressing — Lexington Avenue on both sides. The record was M- and the cover looked to be VG++. The final price was $1,281.

Hank Mobley, Soul Station, Blue Note 4031. This one also seemed to be in M- condition, both record and cover. The final price was  $1,259.

In addition to these for the $1,000 bin, there is also this one from Jazz Record Center:

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From JRC: Lee Morgan, Hank Mobley, Sonny Rollins

We were checking our email and we noticed that the Jazz Record Center is another auction coming up on eBay this week. The check out the link, click here. This one will be quite interesting to watch, since there are at least three records we expect to break the $1,000 barrier, and there are a bunch of other records that will test the softness of the market. When you have a dealer with the sterling reputation of the Jazz Record Center, you are getting the truest sense of market conditions, since bidders don’t have to worry about the veracity and credibility of the seller. In any case, among the top items being auction by Jazz Record center this week are: Lee Morgan, Indeed, Blue Note 1538. This is an original Lexington Avenue pressing. The record is M- and the cover is somewhere between VG++ and M-. The current price is $912; Hank Mobley, Soul Station, Blue Note 4031. This one looks M- all the way around and is currently at $777; Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This is a New York pressing in beautiful condition and is currently at $521.

For the Price Guide: Newk, Evans, Tina Brooks

Here are some items we’ve been watching. I know we’ve been talking about a lull on eBay, but when you look at these prices they seem to be holding pretty steady.  All of these will be entered into the Jazz Collector Price Guide as soon as I have time, probably this weekend. By the way, there are no links with these items: Most of the links have appeared somewhere on the site already.

Sonny Rollins, Newk’s Time, Blue Note 4001. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record was VG+ and the cover was VG+. The price was $598.

Jutta Hipp, Jutta, Blue Note 5056. This was an original 10-inch LP in VG+ condition, both record and cover. The price was $330.

Jackie McLean, Capuchin Swing, Blue Note 4038. This seemed to be an original pressing, although the seller didn’t say anything about deep grooves. It was in M- condition, both record and cover, and

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Another $1,000 Record, This One in VG Condition

We’ve been keeping an eye lately on jazz LPs that sell for more than $1,000, which is particularly interesting in light of some of the softness we’re seeing in other parts of the market. The LP True Blue by Tina Brooks, Blue Note 4041, is one that has broken the $1,000 many times. It is quite rare. In the Jazz Collector Price Guide, we’ve seen a copy go for as much as $2,075. So, we were watching this copy of True Blue this week to see what would happen in a soft market. The record wound up selling for $1,625. What makes this more interesting is that the vinyl was only in VG condition (the cover was VG++). It’s not so unusual these days for rare Blue Notes to top $1,000, but $1,625 for a record in VG condition, is still pretty high. Part of it attests to the rarity of this particular LP, and part, also, to the underlying soundness of the market, at least for the higher-end LPs.

I do have a personal experience with this LP to share:

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Two More For the $1,000 Bin

Things may be slow on eBay this days, but there always seems to be a large appetite for some of the rarest records, and two of the ones we’ve been watching sold for more than $1,000 recently. We haven’t had quite such luck with our own sales although, admittedly, we haven’t been putting up gems. Still, we had more than 50 records up for auction this week and probably sold only about 50 percent. This is highly, highly unusual, since we tend to underprice the records and grade them conservatively. The other thing, and a few readers noted this, is that traffic on eBay seems to be down: Not only are fewer people bidding on the records, fewer people are looking at the records. I think it’s all a temporary lull — a reaction to the economy — and I’m planning to continue posting records on eBay. Whatever doesn’t sell I put into the store inventory, which you can view by clicking the Items For Sale link above, so you may find bargains if you take a look. In the meantime, we continue to track eBay pricing and here are the two records that recently sold for more than $1,000:

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Two More For the $1,000 Bin

We’ve been watching jazz vinyl that crosses the $1,000 barrier on eBay. Here are two more that recently joined the club: Paul Chambers, Whims of Chambers, Blue Note 1534. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing that was in M- condition, both the record and the cover. It also had the advantage of being sold by Euclid Records, one of the most reputable sellers on eBay. This record sold for $1,625, quite a bit higher than we’ve previously seen for a copy of this in the Jazz Collector Price Guide. The other one joining the $1,000 club, was this one: Eric Dolpy in Europe, Debut 136. This was the original Danish pressing in pristine M- condition, both the record and the cover. It sold for $1,375.

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