Tales of The Hunt, Redux

Remember our old friend Nick from Brooklyn? He’s the guy that told us a bunch of stories about his record-hunting days under the general heading Tales of the Hunt. There was the one on Meeting and Idol, A Spree Grows in Brooklyn (my headline) and several others. Do a search on “Tales of the Hunt” and they will all come up. Fun reading, again. Well Nick is back. He contacted me a few weeks ago, said he had several boxes of records, and he’s looking to get rid of them before he moves. I popped over to his place in Brooklyn (where else?) yesterday and walked away with some fairly nice records, including an original blue-label pressing of Waltz for Debbie and Lou Donaldson Swing and Soul. I didn’t bring all that much cash and, having just purchased a collection, I didn’t want to take too much. So I left a lot of really nice jazz records behind. Nick said I can post his phone number on Jazz Collector if anyone else wants to venture to Brooklyn and peruse the records and make a fair offer. So I will. The number is 718 219 8892. Perhaps you will have your own Tale of the Hunt.

Where Is Everybody?

OK, so I did that post the other day, offering to dig deep into my collection to sell rare vinyl, and offering the opportunities to pick up many, many other records for reasonable prices. I expected to be inundated with phone calls and emails. So far, I’ve had one call, from our old friend CeeDee, and one email, from a new reader who doesn’t have much money to spend and may or may not be interested in coming out to Western Nassau county. What gives? What was it about my original posting that has failed to pique any interest from the dozens/scores/hundreds of jazz collectors in the New York area who, you’d figure, would be interested in seeing what was for sale at least out of curiosity? I’m perplexed, but sanguine. It’s not like I’m desperate, but I really thought the phone would be ringing off the hook.

Massive Jazz Vinyl & Collectible Sale — NOW!

Imagine this: The greatest jazz vinyl store in the world. A cross between Dayton’s of the 1970s and the Jazz Record Center of today. Dozens of original Blue Notes. Scores of additional rare LPs, from Donald Byrd on Signature to Sonny Criss on Imperial to Lester Young on Aladdin. Plus hundreds of less-rare-but-moderately-priced records from the annals of jazz.

Imagine no longer. It is here, it is now and it is happening. For three weeks only.

Welcome to the one-time-only Jazz Collector Record Store.

This is the story:

In three weeks the lovely Mrs. JC and I are moving from our spacious home on Long Island to two locales, our lake house in The Berkshires and a much less spacious apartment in Manhattan. I plan to take as many records as possible with me, but I would like to divest of many records and other jazz collectibles before the moves as well.

I have 2,000 records in my basement for sale. These are mostly later pressings and reissues, but they will be moderately priced. For instance, I have about 50 Japanese and Liberty Blue Notes I will be selling for $10 each. I also have beautiful jazz posters and artwork, hundreds of jazz books, hundreds of jazz magazines, hundreds of CDs. Many are for sale.

Fine, but nothing to go nuts about, right?

I will also be willing to dip into my jazz vinyl collection. Deep into my collection, depending upon the records and the prices. How deep? I’ll consider selling major collectibles, such as an original Jutta Hipp on Blue Note, Kenny Dorham at the Café Bohemia on Blue Note, Sonny Criss on Imperial, Donald Byrd on Signature, Joe Henderson, Andrew Hill, Stanley Turrentine, Blue Notes all. I will not sell my Trane, Rollins, Dexter, Miles, Adderley, so don’t ask. But I may be willing sell some of my McLeans, Hubbards, Fullers or Mobleys. I will even sell my autographed 78 of Moody’s Mood for Love – but only to Don-Lucky because it has been promised to him.

Here are the conditions:

  1. Do not expect bargains. I will sell records from my collection for prices slightly below what you will see on eBay or on the Jazz Collector Price Guide. The advantage is you get to see, touch and, if you want, listen to the record before purchase. There will also be many moderately priced collectibles.
  2. Do not haggle. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy the record. If I tell you I won’t sell it, please put it back on the shelf.
  3. In-person only. I’m not selling these records by mail. This sale is being conducted from my home, by appointment only. My house is quite easy to get to by car or train. Be polite and respectful, please.
  4. No personal checks, no credit cards. Cash and Pay Pal only.

If you are anywhere around the New York area between now and July 14 I strongly suggest you make an appointment. Jason, this would be worth a trip from Massachusetts. Don-Lucky, this might be a time to plan that long-promised trip to New York. Any collectors or dealers from Japan, if you’re in New York, this will be worthwhile. I have thousands of great jazz records and I’m in a mood to cut back. I don’t need the money, it’s just psychological: I want to downsize my life. Once I get settled in my new homes, I imagine my mood will change and I’ll regret selling every single record I sold.

One more warning: There will be a challenge finding dates to fit people in: Because I’m moving, I may not be around a lot the next couple of weekends, but during the week the appointment book will often be clear.

You can e-mail me at the usual place, al(at)jazzcollector.com to make an appointment, or you can call my home office, 516 467-4276. Good luck and I hope to see some of you soon.  For those of you who can’t make it in person, I will be happy to provide updates on Jazz Collector.


Jazz Collector Back In Business (Sort Of)

There was a time, as many of you know, when I was selling records regularly on eBay to clear out duplicates and winnow down my collection. I was selling so regularly, in fact, that I became both a Power Seller and a “Top-Rated Seller” on eBay under my “nom de ebay” AJdoctor. Nearly a year ago, however, I stopped. I had started a new business – a real one, a one that actually pays the bills – and it started taking off last March, which is when I stopped posting records on eBay. And once I stopped it was hard to get started again. In the meantime, however, I, of course, kept accumulating records. I purchased a collection this summer of mostly traditional records and I purchased another small collection just a few weeks ago, with a bunch of Blue Notes of mostly later vintage. The point is, I still have many, many more records than I either need or have room for, so, as of yesterday, I am back to posting records on eBay. I started with a couple of Blue Notes and even put up some interesting blues records that I purchased in the collection this summer. Here are a couple of samples:

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Jazz Collector Store: 25% Discount on Everything

Here’s a heads-up to all my friends at Jazz Collector. If you want to purchase any of my items on eBay now, I am offering a 25 percent discount. You can just go to the top of the page for Items for Sale and take a look. There are about 90 items currently in my eBay Store. Also, remember I do combined shipping, so if you buy three or four items in the U.S., the shipping remains very inexpensive.

Here’s the method to this madness. First off, I wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes and keeping the site going while I was away. Second, eBay has changed its pricing policy for anyone who is running a store on the site. It’s interesting the way they do things, because I received this very nice email congratulating me because they were reducing prices and upgrading my store listings. It turns out that this was, as you might expect, a bit of a

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Rare Sonny Rollins & Kenny Dorham Available Here

Okay, here’s an interesting one for you. Back in the early 1970s there was this this guy in New York who had a massive collection of audio tapes that he would record from radio broadcasts. For a while he would issue these tapes on bootleg LPs under a variety of names. I have at least a couple of dozen of these issues, under labels such as Alto Records and Ozone and Session Disk, by a large number of artists such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins and many others.

He also, apparently, had tapes that were never issued in any format — and we’ve discovered one of them here. Not only that, but it’s quite a legendary performance by a legendary group of artists: Max Roach with Sonny Rollins and Kenny Dorham, recorded Dec. 12, 1956 at the Cafe Bohemia just seven months after the tragic accident that claimed the lives of Clifford Brown and Richie Powell.

This is the story: One of our friends and faithful Jazz Collector readers visited with the guy who had the tapes back in the 1970s and made a copy, on a reel-to-reel tape, of two

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On eBay Now: A Few Prestiges, Plus

We’ve been spending some time cataloguing our records and making decisions about what to keep and what to sell on eBay. The result is that we’re putting some interesting records on eBay that are not duplicates, but are items from our collection. This week it turns out a lot of the records we put up are from the Prestige label, including:

Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess, In A Minor Groove, New Jazz 8209. We saw a copy of this sell for about $150 a few weeks ago and figured we’d give ours a shot.  So far this one has no bids at $30 with just a few hours to go. If it doesn’t sell, we’ll be happy to keep it: We were quite ambivalent about selling it in the first place.  There aren’t that many jazz harp LPs to begin with, and this is a good one.

Thelonious Monk, Monk’s Moods, Prestige 7159. This one is similar to the Early Miles LP we also have up on eBay now. It’s an early reissue of classic music, with nice packaging and it’s part of the early yellow-label Prestige catalogue. As we had mentioned last week,

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On EBay: A Few From Impulse

We’ve been very busy with eBay the past couple of weeks — putting records on eBay is what we often do when we are procrastinating from other work, so this would be the evidence that we’ve been in heavy-duty procrastination mode. Anyway, our neurosis is your gain: This week we’ve had 70 items on eBay, several of which closed yesterday, many more of which close today, and a few more of which close tomorrow. Part of what we have up there now is a nice batch of Impulse LPs we’ve either pulled from our own collection, or pulled from the collection we purchased in Trenton back in May. Here are a couple of examples:

Archie Shepp, Four For Trane, Impulse 71. This is an original orange label pressing in nice VG+ condition. It is closing later today and is currently at $40.  Also from the same batch is this:

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Jazz Vinyl Countdown: John Coltrane, Ballads

No, I am not thinking about getting rid of one of my all-time favorite records. No, this is a question about what to do with multiple copies. As noted in the headline, the record is: John Coltrane, Ballads, Impulse 32. I have had two original pressings of this record, one a mono and one a stereo. To me, this makes sense. But recently I purchased a second stereo copy of the record, this one a reissue. I have to be honest. The reissue sounds as good as the original. So I’m going to sell my original stereo pressing, and I’m going to first offer it here at the Jazz Collector site. It’s not a high-end collectible like Blue Train, but it’s a wonderful record, beautiful and romantic with a great selection of songs. It features Trane with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones.

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On eBay: Johnny C, Seldon Powell, Clifford Brown

There’s quite a lot of nice jazz vinyl to watch on eBay this week. So many records, so little money.

I’m always pleased to find a record I’ve never seen before. I’ve been collecting jazz records for nearly 40 years, I’ve been to hundreds of record stores in the U.S. and Europe, I’ve been on eBay quite consistently for at least six or seven years. And even still, there are records that are new to me. Here’s one, on eBay now: Johnny Coles, The Warm Sound, Epic 16015. This is an original mono pressing with the yellow label. It looks to be in M- condition, based on the seller’s description. The current price is $200 and there’s more than two days to go.

We also have a few records for sale this week, including a few of the ones that passed through our Jazz Vinyl Countdown, such as: Seldon Powell Sextet, Roost 2220. This one is in nice VG+ condition for the vinyl and VG++ condition for the cover. Michel warned us not to sell this one and perhaps he was right. The current price is

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