Still Time To Win a Free Record

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days. I have a real job, unfortunately, and things got busy this week. I want to remind everyone that there’s still time to win a free record. At Jazz Collector this week we are giving away a copy of Wayne Shorter, Adam’s Apple, Blue Note 84232. This is a 1985 reissue in M- condition and it goes away free to one lucky reader. We even pay for the shipping anywhere in the world. To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a reply on this post or the original post, which you can view by clicking here.    So far there are only seven entries, so the odds are still pretty good even if you haven’t entered yet. On Tuesday evening, hopefully as we’re celebrating an Obama victory, I will put all of the names into a hat and will ask my lovely bride, Mrs. Jazz Collector (who happens to be celebrating a birthday today), to pull out one name to determine the winner, which we will then announce on the site. I’m  getting chills just thinking about it. 

Win A Free Record, Part 2

           Win This Record

A few weeks ago at Jazz Collector we tried to give away a free record and no one seemed to want it. We posted a Bob Brookmeyer record on the site and simply asked people to leave a comment. No one did. But we gave the record away anyway, and we’re happy to say it has arrived safe and sound in its new home. I will post the note of thanks separately. Anyway, we are not ones to give up too easily, so we are back to try and give away another record. This time it’s Wayne Shorter, Adam’s Apple, Blue Note 84232. This is a great record with Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Reggie Workman and Joe Chambers. This is not an original — we’re generous, but not that generous — but a 1985 reissue from the original historical master tape. The record and cover are both in M- condition. We have one copy to give away, so this is a contest, but you don’t have to do anything to enter the contest except leave a comment on this post.

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And The Winner Is . . .

Actually, no one. Two weeks ago we ran a contest to give away a free record. The instructions were simple: All you had to do was write a comment on this post.  No one did. However, in the interest of full disclosure, the collectible we were giving away wasn’t the most exciting, an OJC copy of The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer. Perhaps no one was interested. So, we’ll do it again this week, run a contest to give away a free collectible, and we’ll offer something a little better. And if no one responds this time, perhaps we’ll think of another format. In this case, we are going to give away the Bob Brookmeyer LP to our reader Rudolf A. Flinterman because he has been the most prolific and consistent commenter since we’ve re-launched the site. So, Rudolf, congratulations on winning the free record. I’ll send you a separate email to work out the details. For everyone else, keep an eye on the site today and tomorrow for our next attempt to give away a jazz collectible. Hopefully, it will be something that someone will want.

Win A Free Record

When we were doing the Jazz Collector newsletter regularly, we would often give away free records to subscribers. Well we’re back now with the Jazz Collector Blog, and we’ve decided to resurrect the largesse. So, we’re giving away one copy of this record: The Dual Role of Bob Brookeyer, Prestige 7066. This is a limited edition OJC classic and the LP is still sealed. We will provide the record with free shipping to the winner. To enter the contest, all you have to do is write a comment to this post, answering the following question:  What is your favorite LP on the Prestige label? That’s all you have to do to participate: Comment on this post and we will put you name in a pool and draw the winner in two weeks. We’ll announce the winner on this site at the end of the day on Sunday, September 28. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your comments. One interesting thing about this record: It differs from the first pressing, in that it includes two extra tracks that were not available on the original New York yellow label Prestige.

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